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The entire city of Madrid goes crazy during carnivale in February/March, Fiesta de la Comunidad de Madrid in May, and Fiesta de San Isidro also in May. June and July are the months when the city celebrates most of the holidays and many establishments would be closed during this time.

This course, designed by Simpson and John Harris, is located on the northern edge of Madrid.

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Deep Sea Fishing :

Yes, there is plenty of big game sport fishing east of Madrid a few hours away. The Atlantic and Mediterranean shorelines are ideal, with most marinas set up for a perfect day of open sea fishing. Swordfish fishing here is most spectacular, it is immortalized in several feature films. From July to September swordfish are found off the coasts of Almeri’a, Granada and Malaga, and in the Bay of Cadiz. There is also tunny fishing in the open sea. The tunny swim so near the surface in the summer that they become visible. The tunny fishing grounds are Barbate, Zahara or Conil in Cadiz, and Isla Cristina in Huelva. On the Atlantic coast, expect to catch mackerel, big-toothed pampano, blue fish, sea bass and spotted bass, corvina, gilt head, grouper and some 150 types of shark. True enthusiasts will compete for various trophies awarded by competitions organized throughout the summer. Amateurs can also try their luck as well, inquire at your local marina. You can also get in some whale watching down off the straits of Gibraltar. If you can’t make there, visit the Denny’s all-you-can eat-buffets when you return home.

The Bay and Straits of Gibraltar have a large population of Whales and Dolphins. The Mysticeti are the family of whales here and they are the largest, in some cases growing to 120ft long and weighing up to 190 tons -particularly impressive when you consider that a Boeing B747 airliner weighs 150 tons.

Imagine how many beers that is. Imagine how many beers you will have to drink to even consider leaving Madrid’s hot brothels and traveling hundreds of miles for the hopes of seeing a friggin’ whale.

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