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I shall therefore only observe to you that as the facts Detroit Subway Map or words in the information are confessed, the only thing that can come in question before you Detroit Subway Map is whether the words as set forth in the information make a libel. And that is a matter of law, no doubt, and which you may leave to the Court. Mr. Hamilton: I humbly beg Your Honor’s pardon, I am very much misapprehended if you suppose that what I said was so designed. Sir, you know I made an apology for the freedom that I found myself under a necessity of using upon this occasion. I said there was nothing personal designed.

In 1880 the Booths sold the property. It changed hands twice before being purchased by William Campbell. The farm remained with the Campbells from 1881 to the 1970s.

They were a very close-knit family. Though serious about work, they shared a great sense of humor, quick with a smile and a lighthearted joke. William’s son, Robert, enjoyed the new and novel hobby of photography and captured many of the family’s good times on film. Their closeness was obvious.

The Campbell family loved having fun and the new hobby of photography.

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