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HOTELS. Savoy, Norra Vallgatan 62, 150 Scandinavia, Drottninggatan 1, 366 St Jorgen, Stora Nygatan 35, 465 Garden, Baltzarsgatan 20, 260 Kramer, Stortorget, 150 Teaterhotellet, Ronngatan 3, 100 Esso Motor Hotel, Seges-vangen, 336 Frasingsarmens Hotell Anglais, Stortorget 15, 110 Winn, Jorgen Kocksgatan 3, 100 Horn, Kopenhamnsvagen 60, 32 Hembyg-den, Isak Slaktaregatan 7, 42 Adlon, Master Johansgatan 13,180 b. YOUTH HOSTEL. CAM P SITE.

Malmo located on the Oresund in southern Skane, oppositethe Danish capital of Copenhagen, isthe capital town of its province and Sweden’s third largest city. It is a major port and an important industrial townium. (engineering, shipbuilding, textiles, cement).

HISTORY. Malmo grew up in the second half of the 13th c. helped largely by its sheltered anchorages in the shallow Lomma Bay, where the boats of the Hanseatic towns fished for herring. The town’s first fortifications were built during the reign ofthe Danish king Eric of Pomerania; he also granted Malmo its coat of arms in 1473. The town passed to Sweden under the treaty of Roskilde (1 658). The construction of the harbour and the energy of a merchant named Franz Suell (statue in Norra Vallgatan) brought great prosperity to Malmo in the 1 8th c. and it developed further after the building of the railway between Malmo and Stockholm in the following century.

SIGHTS. In the middle ofthe city, tothe bounded by canals; it has preserved much of its original character, particularly around the Stortorg. In the square is an equestrian statue (1896) of Charles X, who united Skcine with Sweden in 1 658. On the E side is the Town Hall (Dutch Renaissance style, 1546; altered 1 864-9). On the first floor are St Knut’s or St Canute’s Hall (Knutsalen), in which the influential St Knut’s Guild used to meet, and the Council Chamber (Landstings-salen), with portraits of Danish and Swedish kings. At the NE corner of the square stands the Governor’s Residence (1730; restored in the 19th c.). The street between the Town Hall and the

Theatre, Art Gallery Lund Airport Airport Residence leads to St Peter’s Church (St Petri), a handsome 14th c. brick building undoubtedly modelled after St Mary’s Church in Lubeck (pulpit, 1 500; Baroque altar, 1 611). To the left of the entrance is the Kramer Chapel, with late Gothic wall paintings and a font (1601). SW of the Stortorg is the attractive Lilia Torg, with 1 6th-1 8th c. houses. Malmo has many fine old burghers’ houses, notably the Flensburgska Hus (1 595), 9 Sodergatan; Jorgen Kocks Hus (1 525), 2 Vastergatan now a restaurant; Rosenvingeska Hus (1 534), 5 Vastergatan; Tunnelns Hus or Ulfeldtska Hus (1519), 4 Adelgatan; Diedenska Hus (1 620), 6 Ostergatan; and Thottska Hus (1558), 8 Ostergatan. The Kompanihus in the Stortorg, built at the beginning of the 16th c. by a firm of merchants, is now used for meetings and various functions. Statue of Charles X, Stortorg, Malmo

To the W of the town is the beautiful Kungspark, with a summer restaurant. From the Kungspark a bridge leads directly into the park of Malmohus Castle, a moated fortress built in 1 537-42 (restored 1 870, after a fire); it now houses the Municipal Museum (archaeology, history and art). Nearby is the Museum of Technology (industrial technology and all forms of transport). To the SE of the Castle Park stands the Municipal Library and to the S of this the Municipal Theatre (1942-4), the largest theatre in Scandinavia, with seating for 1700 (visits permitted). Still farther S is Pildammspark, with an open-air theatre, the Stadium (1958) and the Exhibition Halls. In Drottningtorg, to the E of the middle of the city, is the Carriage Museum, in the old Town Hall.

To the SE of the town, on Admiralsgatan, lies the Folkets Park (People’s Park), an amusement park with several restaurants.

To the SW, on the Oresund, are the Ribersborg bathing beach and Limhamn (camp site; ferry to the Danish fishing village of Dragor).

During the summer there are daily tours of the city, starting from Gustav Adolfs Torg; also cruises around the harbour and canal boat trips.

SURROUNDINGS 14 km (9 miles) E, in a beautiful park, is the well-preserved Torup Castle (1 6th c.); it belongs to the city of Malmo (conducted tours during the summer).

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