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One of the companies chartered by the King of France for Madagascar Map the exploration and development of New France. Created in 1627 by Cardinal de Richelieu, it brought Madagascar Map together approximately 100 associates who promised to populate New France by sending 4,000 Catholic settlers to North Country over a fifteenyear period. The company failed in this promise and was dissolved in 1663. Also called the Compagnie de la Nouvelle-France. Company of One Hundred Associates. Compagnie des Cent Associes.

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Anderson and the lamp trimmer A. Ireland, both of whom were in an exhausted state. Twelve other men, though, went down with the ship. It was the middle of the night and so dark at the time, but the weather was described as ‘dark but clear’, with a WSW force 5 wind blowing. David Wilson, the first mate on the Britannia IIII, alleged that the helm of the Bear was put starboard to cross the bow of the Leith steamer, yet two survivors from the Bear asserted that by blowing the whistle, they gave the Britannia IIII warning that they were going starboard. By all accounts, on sighting each other, it appears that Britannia IIII gave one single blast of her whistle to warn the Bear to port, while the latter gave two blasts indicating the Britannia IIII to steer to starboard, but it resulted in a huge amount of confusion between both crews, leading, it would seem, to the collision. The Britannia IIII had her bows stove in and water began to pour into the vessel, so the officers sent out distress signals, firing a number of rockets. Two vessels passed by without offering assistance, but the Carron Company steamer Thames of Grangemouth, which was en route to London, came to her aid. As it was clear that the Britannia IIII was in poor condition, the 45 passengers were immediately transferred to the Thames, unfortunately without their effects. A hawser was quickly passed between the two ships and the Britannia IIII was towed slowly stern-foremost up the Firth, her crew remaining on board.

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