Ireland Vacations

Ireland Vacations


Holidays: Holidays for the Republic of Ireland include: New Year’s Day (Jan. 1); St.

Patrick’s Day (Mar. 17); Good Friday; Easter Monday (Apr. 12); and Christmas (Dec.

25-26). There are Bank Holidays in the Republic and Northern Ireland during the summer months; check at tourist offices for dates. Northern Ireland has the same national holidays as the Republic; it also observes Orange Day (July 12).

Festivals: All of Ireland goes green for St. Patrick’s Day (Mar. 17th). On Bloomsday (June 16), Dublin celebrates James Joyce’s Ulysses. In mid-July, the Galway Arts Festival hosts theater, trad, rock, and film (598). Many return home happy from the Lis- doonvarna Matchmaking Festival in early September (595).

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