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Eberle means small boar in German, and images of wild Iraq Map Tourist Attractions boars appear on the winery logo. A bronze boar, cast by Baroque master Pietro Tacca in Iraq Map Tourist Attractions 1620, sits at the winery entrance. Il Porcellino, a replica of the marble boar that once stood in the Uffizi in Florence, invites visitors to rub its snout and toss coins in the fountain beneath its feet a Florentine tradition said to bring good luck. This good fortune is most readily apparent at the expansive oak tasting bar, where samples of Eberle wines are poured at no charge, a rarity in the region. It also comes in the form of free guided tours through the 1,600 square feet of caves beneath the visitor center. The complimentary tours and tastings reflect Gary Eberle’s firm belief in educating visitors about all aspects of winemaking so they form a personal connection to the bottles of wine they enjoy at the table.

Tailor-Made Moccasins

Traditionally used by Indians and frontiersmen, moccasins made of moose or caribou hide are the best footwear for snowshoeing. Your feet breathe and at the same time stay warm. Moccasins also allow your toes to grip by enabling them to feel the ground.

Second piece


Side view

Third piece

In the old days, Indians used braided sinew to make watertight seams. The important thing is for the stitches to be very close together. If the leather is particularly thick, an awl can be helpful.

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