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Hello, and happy Friday I am back here in Manila, and this place is an absolute ghost town that’s the amount of traffic that’s going on right now happy Good Friday to you all if you celebrate Good Friday if not I hope you’re just having a good Friday. So I’ve been away off of for a few months now after the Dolomites series, and I just wanted to check in, and give you guys an update of my travel plans, and everything like that look there’s even people just walking in the street , I’m into Manila a few times now, and I have never seen it this quiet this is unbelievable all right. So three things that I want to talk to you guys about gentlemen hey how are you how are you I said three things that I want to talk to you guys about three things, I’m gonna update you on number one is I am back in vanilla for a few days, and I want to shoot a couple more posts. So if you guys have any ideas of content that you want to see from me please leave a comment, I’ll be checking this this posts comments over the next 48 hours I want to shoot a fast food post maybe checking out all the best fast food here in the city I have still yet to go to jolly B’s I’ve still yet said try balut. So there’s a lot of things that I still need to do food wise especially that I want to get done okay number two I am going back to Japan in about five days on April 4th to be exact, I’ll be heading back to Japan to post a nightlife style post with a tour company called magical trips, and while, I’m there only for a few days I also want to post a second edition of the five great food experiences to try while you’re in Tokyo.

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So if you guys have any recommendations things I may have missed in the first post please again leave a comment in the description of this post, I’ll be checking over the next couple days, and the third thing is the Travel Philippines post series is coming I have one more post from Italy I have two posts coming from Hawaii maybe three then straight to the Travel Philippines post series, I’m gonna save Iceland for a little bit later if you guys want to see the Iceland series check out backpacker Steves posts, I’ll leave that in the description of this post as well. But I just wanted to give you guys an update of what’s going on , I’m over at Greenbelt mall right now it’s quiet it’s just people walking around alright that’s it I just wanted to give you guys an update. Because I haven’t uploaded in about a month here on. But again I say if you follow me on Instagram you’ve been able to see everything the daily adventures it’s been an incredible experience here in the Philippines an incredible trip, and I cannot wait to share the entire series with you until then, I’m gonna walk around the streets the deserted streets of Manila, I’m gonna get something to eat if I can find a restaurant that’s open enjoy your day coming soon a bunch of new content a bunch of new posts, and I can’t wait to share talk to him Travel bye 7-eleven is open choice, and snacks shall bowels these are delicious mr. Donuts it’s basically two beers in Philippines San Miguel is the most popular is long, and also this one the red horse.

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