Welcome to the first episode of Mikey Tiki soul seeker Mexico. And Central America tour first stop Mexico City now Mexico City actually really surprised me for a city of over 21 point to a million people, it’s actually isn’t that big it didn’t seem that bad at all our first stop was at the cathedral metropolitana the largest Cathedral in the Americas. I just remember that.

I cannot pronounce anything here in Mexico so. I apologize we are about to go to coil count markets we’re gonna try roses for the traditional. I’m trying a Manko stuffed churro.

MEXICAN STREET PARTIES Mexico City Merida Photo Gallery

So there were. So many different varieties of these truths it was really really tough to shoes way up there from Ango because that’s fruits right that’s fruits just taste like sure next stop was to the floating gardens for our afternoon gondola ride here we glided through the canals that were left over from what was previously a very extensive lake in canal system that connected most of the settlements here in. And around Mexico City alright guys.

So we made it to the T to walk em pyramids, it’s about an hour outside of Mexico City. And. I’m really excited to show these to you.

So there are two pyramids there’s the a Sun pyramid. And a moon payment and. I think were gonna climb one of them.

I don’t know which one yet what happened on this plate that the wagon used to be a commercial centre people from the north south east. And west they call they used to come here to practice exchange of items. So we have the the some pyramids.

And we have the moon program is back there a name first of all the name to t work. And, it’s not the original name we don’t know what was the name of this city to work on, it’s a name that they asked its gave to this place when the Aztecs remember they came from the north part of Mexico. So they walk in this city when it was all abandoned all right.

So they. So really high buildings like such as the pyramid. And they thought who live here either a giant or gods.

So that’s what the name 31 means the place or the city of gods or a place where human turned into gods just a short flight from Mexico City was our next stop the beautiful white walls Yucatan capital city of Merida where we arrived just in time for their weekly Sunday street party obviously we’re gonna join it okay. So the first carriage ride they were taking now. I’m Nettie da oh my gosh are you.

So excited where do we use at night because, it’s really hot. And humid here and, this is gonna be actually kind of a pushing. And that was the extent of maybe pot, it’s now not gonna be on my head because we are going far too fast so.

I apologize tonight their race that we’re doing a horse carriage ride enjoy philosopher eidetic stephen wallis or the great french are awful they’re passing us now you so much for reading my post. I hope, you enjoyed it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you did stay tuned for the next episode coming at, you in a couple days time.

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