What’s up guys today is a really big day for me as, you know. I spend pretty much all my time here in Southeast Asia. I’ve traveled Thailand Philippines Indonesia Vietnam Laos Cambodia basically every single one of the countries here, it’s pretty much home for me and.

I think that, it’s time to actually make it home. And one of the ways to do that is to rent a long-term home somewhere. I can start setting up have a home base to come back to to feel comfortable.


And to do work from and. I think that today is the day that. I kind of get a ballpark of where.

I want to stay the reason. I booked this trip to Bali was to check out Changu a place that has great lifestyle, it’s got coffee shops restaurants high-speed internet. And, it’s located in a great spot in Southeast Asia.

So for me, this is really exciting because. I’ve met with a real estate agent we’re gonna be taking a look at a few villas today. And I’ll give, you a bit of an idea of what it would cost to rent here.

And. I’m trying to find a 2-bedroom villa with a private pool private gated area the reason is. I want to have a second bedroom for when other people come to visit Bali having that extra bedroom would be a very worthy investment excited to check it out.

So let’s do it let’s go have a look and, this is the dining area in the bathroom a little sink. And this would be the master suites. I believe and, this is a two bedroom villa.

So we’re gonna head over to the next room. And how much is this one 115 million for the year okay this one has a bigger bathroom definitely outdated bathroom this Villa here cost 115 million rupiah for the year now that you’re probably thinking that sounds like an extraordinary amount of money, but that’s actually only like 10 grand which, you know is still a lot, but if you consider what everyone else is paying back home very very reasonable yeah outdoor shower dining area private gate. So this one here is probably about 15 minutes outside of Ecco Beach definitely very reasonable.

I think. I’m looking for something a little closer by. And maybe a little more modern.

And some things. I think the bathrooms are a bit of a turn-off but I do want to find a place that.

I can decorate make my own and, this is a rather barebone place definitely a lot of room for decorating making it, you know feel cozier. And, it’s beautiful it also includes pool cleaning it doesn’t include the cleaning services which are fairly affordable as, you can imagine, you also parently have to pay bond jar. And another word he said, but basically that’s like paying the local community for a like rubbish collection paying them just basically to keep the community clean or whatever it goes towards, but, it’s like that’s the $10 a month.

So that’s really nothing we’ve just arrived at villa number two here this one’s a bit closer probably about only seven minutes outside of Echo Beach get yourself a nice pool here that’s the entrance now, this is a very large living area ooh. I really like this table set up the old wood pretty bare-bones not really any decorating going on which is kind of what. I’m looking for because as.

I mentioned. I want to do my own decorating. So here’s one of the bedrooms is a slightly outdated bathroom, but nothing.

I can’t work with. So what. I really like about this one is the location we’ve got a rice paddy surrounding it.

So, it’s in a super quiet area, it’s backing onto a creek. And this here is. I believe the spare room it seems a bit smaller definitely a few things that could be spruced up definitely a bit of personality could be added.

And this could be a pretty awesome place to call home. So this one you’re looking at 150 million rupiah for the year, but one thing he’s kind of hinted at is like everything’s negotiable. I think, you could definitely drop it like 10 to 15 percent from that listing price maybe more.

I’m still very new to the market all right yeah Wow. So this here is villa number 3 it is definitely under innovations right now. So you’re just gonna have to look at like the structure.

And what’s actually here because. I’m sure, it’s gonna be very beautiful when, it’s all done, but much smaller pool which is nothing wrong with that definitely much more modern the modern style you’d say very modern yeah. I like that.

I like this area, it’s really cool. So in here, you got a spare room. So, you got two beds at the moment suits in here very nice modern bathroom good-looking kitchen appliances.

And a spare room, you know kind of like a covered pantry area much as. I like the Balinese style. I also really like this modern feel to it, it’s a complete disaster of a mess right now but.

I can definitely see it for what, it’s going to be and. I really love this open concept super high roof like, it’s gonna be like a 40-foot roof right here what do we have okay. And this would be the master suite damn wow.

I like this hello, it’s me okay your pool down there this one right here is basically like a two minute drive to the busiest parts of Changu. So, it’s like right off the strip really nearby to the main stream hubs. I think that’s a good thing.

I wouldn’t mind being five to ten minutes out, but being close is also good as long as, it’s not too too close. I think there’s still enough separation from the main road one thing. I definitely have to be mindful of is break-ins.

I mean you’re living in a country where you’re not there all the time if someone breaks into your place like they could take everything and, you know you’re not going to be there to do much about it so. I have to be careful. I think the closer, you get to like buildings two main areas, you do run a higher risk that your house could be cased.

So that’s a downside. So, this is the bathroom this isn’t her sink got a property dedicated shower feeling this, this is nice the one thing I’ll say that. I’m not fond of is that, it’s just a little bit over decorated.

So you’re gonna pay more because, it’s got some furniture in it and. I wanted to have like a blank canvas that. I could start fresh from, it’s not.

So decorated that. I can’t bring my own touch into it. I gotta say though.

I do. I really like this place so. We’ll see this one is a hundred.

And eighty million for the year. I’m not gonna be here that often the truth is because. I travel.

So much, this is more like an investment property and. So, it’s gonna be at home that when I’m in Bali course.

I’m here, but the rest of the time I’ll try to keep it filled up with people renting. So when the time comes I’ll let, you guys know because if you’re visiting Bali hit me up and, you could potentially rent this place or another place from me so. We’ll get to that point.

So the last place we saw it was really modern this one is in between Balinese. And modern which. We’ll see it could be a really cool combo.

So right now also under renovations, but opening up in August. So they’re gonna have a sliding gate here. So, you can put your scooters in here have a peace of mind nice, this is very Balinese style a lot more of space that’s outdoors which is a good thing.

I think, this is kind of what. I was thinking like, this is a blank slate, you know they don’t have any decorating, but the things that they have in place are super modern. And nice.

I love a good clean bathroom like a showers are important to me, this is really cool, it’s not cheap. So, this is about 185 million for the year, you can negotiate a little see where it settles, but this one’s not as close to the Main Street has more privacy bigger pool bigger outdoor living area kind of what. I had in mind when.

I pictured living in Bali the last place was beautiful, but didn’t have that outdoor space. So. I’m kind of torn which one.

I want more, but here is the spare. And identical it’d be much easier for me to sublet out the extra room when I’m even when.

I’m here in Bali have somebody else renting out that extra room. So this definitely has some benefits to it and, you got your outdoor shower can just imagine waking up in the morning opening up those sliders taking a dip right in there doing my work here kind of like living the dream right now guys. I’m just feeling it.

I hope, you guys enjoyed this very limited sneak preview of the Changu real estate market as. I said, it’s not the cheapest in Southeast Asia. And these prices are inflated.

And it doesn’t even reflect all of Bali, you could easily find places that are probably half the price. And a little further out of the developed areas you’re gonna pay a premium to stay in the most developed. And the most desired places there’s another resource.

I’m gonna leave, you with. And that is the Facebook community group. So for each little area in Bali there tends to be a Facebook group dedicated to the people who live there who are often expats they’re often looking for people to fill in for rentals sometimes their short term from one week to a month.

And sometimes, it’s people looking for one year to five year rents if you want to deal face to face with the person actually renting the house. And cut out the middleman being the real estate agent who tends to crank up the prices, this is a really great option for when my time comes to actually make the move. And find a one year lease or a two year lease in Bali.

I think, this is how. I’m going to find mine. I think the best deals are to be found there if you guys enjoyed this post.

And want to see more similar posts like this made whether, it’s more of them in Bali or some of them in other places of the world comment down below let me know what, you think. And if you’re new to the blog smash that comment button hit the notification button. So, you can be notified when new posts just like this are posted.

And guys let’s get lost again in the next one. And one last thing before. I end today’s post.

I want to let, you guys know that I’ll be putting up a post about how I get all my hotel stays for free I’ll even be including my email template that. I use to contact the hotels.

And that’ll all be available on patreon. So make sure to check the link down below to join the patreon crew. And I’ll see, you over there yay.

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