Hey guys it is our last day here at the tool house in a couple of hours we are going to be jumping in an uber thank you for that person that recommended that this herb is in barley. Because it is way cheaper than getting organized drivers. So thank you very much there is uber in Bali use it it is very cheap anyway uber is coming in a few hours we’re currently gonna go have some breakfast I’ve just finished packing, and then we are off to I think it’s an arien aboard to start our first volunteer project which is a humanitarian one which we’ve never done before we’re gonna be working with children teaching them English there’s, I’m like a kindergarten we’ll be going to, and I think we also teach some kids how to brush your teeth properly, and how do you about hygiene, and stuff like that anyway we’re very excited I love working with children. So I think this is gonna be right up my alley anyway let’s go have our laughs breakfast, I’m gonna miss this food so much we found out that if you come after 9:00, and they have some really yummy extra. So we waited till 9:00 to order breakfast today plus breakfast last pancake for the week Pete what did you call it a jar of goodness or different fruits, and coconuts, and seeds, and then one of those this traicee doesn’t like sigh you’re discharged I don’t know oh no I think it says peanut butter, and jelly oats or something well you saying that went from healthy to um healthy looks good bit healthier than pancakes we all bed all packed up our room we are pretty much ready to order our over, and we just thought we’d just go for a quick walk to see lots of Kangoo before we head off to Oberlin it’s Changu didn’t realize there’s actually a water park just near us I wish we knew looks nice by the way guys I thought, I’ll tell you something quickly you know last week how we were stressing out getting visas, and vaccinations done literally a week, and a half ago this trip was officially going to end today we have a flight a return flight booked home that we aren’t catching. Because the next two, and a half weeks were sprung on us. So last-minute hence the stress.


But it’s all worth it now. Because now we get to extend our trip by another two weeks just realize this cute little weather station if the coconut is gone there’s a hurricane never thought I would be using uber in Bali hello alrighty see you chill house thanks to have enough you been really awesome ready to go Jess Oh an hour, and a half later, and we have arrived we’ve been given lunch we haven’t looked around or anything like that yet. But we are ready for something to eat it’s got a good old bowl of watermelon, and we are veggies, and some that have vegetarian options. So we’re happy we’re pretty much at the canteen at learn where all the volunteers come honestly I got here like five minutes ago. So as we learn more we’ll show you more. So we just got to our accommodation where we’re gonna be staying for the next few days it’s really cool. Because we’re staying in like a local village, and they’re pretty much just like set up a room for us, and these families that actually live around here.

So if you guys were wanting like a real Bali experience we’re just gonna get it like this is a small business just there this family’s just over there. But we’ve just been showing our room, and it’s nice how Lawson’s the door like the embroidery, and stuff the handiwork the wood we’re sorry night wait why did I call it embroidery that would work I know it’s huge look at that bed that’s awesome we oh we could like bring our closet here it’s so big, and then we get an outside shower again how nice is this very nice. So good says the shower, and it’ll cost, and there’s our roof it’s so cool alrighty guys we just freshened up I just change my outfit. Because I was just. So hot yeah we are now gonna go, and have an orientation and, I’m find out a little bit more about this place, and what we’re gonna be doing over the next few days guys we officially not in Bali unless we’ve had a strawberry Fanta we have it every time we come it’s the best it is ok guys even though we came in in the afternoon, and running late we’ve wanted to get our hands dirty. So just give us whatever task there is, and they said well you could come help us build as kindergarten every like yes it’s gonna be finished in a couple of weeks. But they have been working on it for two months, and it’s just.

So incredible. Because we get to leave our mark here in Bali, and know that there’s a kindergarten, and a physical building that’s gonna be here it’s just it’s so awesome that you can do this I just love how we’re in a construction field, and we’re working in thongs this would not be allowed in Australia also this kindergarten is being built on a rice field I mean the kids gonna have the best views oh my gosh that was an insane afternoon exhausting yes sorry poop and, I’m missing my juice. So we have gone on a hunt around to see if there’s any places open I sell a good juice. Because I need my juice fix mama needs a juice mama decided instead of the juice she wanted her coffee nice young is it oh my gosh I haven’t had a good coffee in a while hohoho yeah this is cool this is pretty much delivered straight from the plantations that looks good oh what a day guys I am so pooped I didn’t imagine that this would happen today it started at a Balinese retreat eating pancake, and it ended with us helping build a kindergarten, and we’re currently staying in a village amongst families of barley this is just I could not told you that we would do this this is so cool thanks so much for reading if you have any questions about the project or what we’re doing here leave it below, and we’ll try to answer them for you in the comments section, and hit like, and if you’re new around here hit comment, and we hope we’ll see tomorrow night guys.

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