Baby we don’t need no visa through our hotel we have set up a private tour today of the lake now, this is the reason we came to Cal Sauk National Park. And let’s check it out only about 45 minutes yeah look at that water. So money talks.

And we just got ourselves our admission into the park, it’s 300 baht per person our guide for the day is going to be showing us around khao sok national park. And they have like extra kids, you can add on like another 200 bob the guide kind of said, you don’t need it. So we’re sticking to the 300 and.

THE BEST OF THAILAND – Khao Sok National Park GET HERE NOW Photo Gallery

I think that includes some caves. So, this is the national park as, you can see a beautiful emerald green lake behind me. And we’re about to get on a longtail boat that’s been hooked up with a car engine.

So we are gonna be just zooming through the lake I’ll let, you go first into the boat don’t fall in if you guys are just tuning in you’re like who’s the third dude that’s my little brother he flew all the way up from Canada to come travel with us what’s up guys how’s your first day in Thailand been second day actually great yes yeah something like Canada that’s for sure how old are, you live 18. I naturally compare everything. I do to other places.

I visited. And this place is just like first of all, it’s one of the most beautiful in all of Thailand. And the fact that nobody’s talking about it is what’s shocking this place should be on your radar it is way too nice to pass up khao sok national park is like blowing expectations.

And it’s so incredible. I compare it a little bit to El Nido, but like instead of being by the beach you’re kind of in line to you’re at a lake, but the lake is.

So big, you feel like you’re in the ocean the reefs we talked to a guy on the ferry. And the guy in the berries they go. I’m going to cow stop and.

I had never heard of it. I had never thought of going and. So thank you.

So much to, you if you’re reading, this is incredible, this is paradise. I’ve never seen anything quite like this how are, you enjoying this yeah display this was all set up for our hotel like set this up no words beauty displaces no words can describe how I feel right now either coming through this play Wow all right.

So we’ve just arrived somewhere. I can see right up in there there’s a cave and. I think that’s our first stop of the day, you can hear that car alarm again the cicadas what are we doing now we’re stopping in the cave yes go in the cave none who enter shall exit how long do we stop at the cave for 15 minutes.

So we’re about to go into the cave if Liam leaves his shirt off he’ll be able to light it up for us light the way with his going inside the cave word on the street is nobody who’s gone in the cave has ever been seen ever again that’s that’s heavy right there think about that for a second now if this vlog gets posted we may be the first person to ever make it out alive. So this used to be under water yes, you can kind of, you can hear in the distance there’s like a whoa apparently, it’s a Gibbon a Gibbon is a kind of monkey and. I could just imagine, this is like a monkey’s paradise because like can, you imagine climbing that right there that would be quite the feat, but.

I’m sure monkeys just chill on the top got the best view in the entire park yeah we go into the cave, you can see my little torch light there right yeah, you see about the Tokra how did it get that that’s the biggest yeah. I mean just purely based on the likes bands that spider is literally about the size of a small child’s hand all right we’re out of the cave don’t get me wrong. I’m not a naturist.

I respect. And love all nature’s, but the outdoor nature is. I prefer much more than the underground nature’s can’t do this.

I just invite all right beats up to decay we’re off to our second stop of the day right now we’re trying to convince Laura to do a back flip and. I know she can do it how’s the water Laura oh my gosh, it’s like. So warm this is.

So cool people if you’re in Thailand, you need to like stop what are, you doing. And come to this park, it’s that cool. So after exploring caves doing back flips into mystical lakes, it’s time to replenish our nutrients we just have this delicious fish we had some omelettes some Thai noodles.

And fried chicken, this is like the full works like today’s is a dream, this is the most incredible travel day we’ve had in a long long time. And even like being here there’s nobody else there’s the occasional group, you see going in passing, but nobody’s like, you know gotten in our way we’ve literally felt like we have this entire lake to ourselves which is part of the magical feeling right now alright bittersweet feelings about being back thank, you very much coupling cop fun today so much peacefulness level 1000 on this place right now.

I’m gonna watch a few episodes of the office get a shower Ben another incredible day here touring Thailand if you’re coming to Thailand make sure, you check out my post guide, it’s linked down below it get lost travels calm. And if you want to check out the newest Los wag the newest lost t-shirt check it out on my website what’s up guys so. I would have used the typical outro clip, but for some reason the microphone that.

I just bought started going wacky on me and. So you’ll see in the upcoming vlogs I’ll be doing a bit more narration to make up for a faulty microphone, it’s really knowing, but anyways. I’m coming at, you basically like three weeks in the future from when this post was posted, but now.

I’m in Hawaii you’ll be seeing those vlogs very soon they are probably gonna be the best. And definitely the most cinematic vlogs you’ve ever seen in the meantime though. I just wanted to say if you’ve made it this far in the post make sure, you hit the like button, you smash like button whatever it gets, you to hit that like button just go ahead.

And do it if you’re new to the blog hit the comment button. And I’ll even take it a step further guys if you are wanting to keep up to date with these posts click that Bell button that’s actually a little notification thing let’s see no the moment one of my new posts go up. And there’s a lot of crazy good posts coming up right after this one.

So make sure, you stay tuned and. I think that’s all. I have to say.

So until then let’s get lost again tomorrow. ?

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