Trying Weird Malaysian Food

That is my intake which is only made here in Cruiser we have to try the local food mania charging pad try February okay they have. So this is all just a tasting station try now this is chocolate flavor good poison I choose one, and year to try this together okay don’t tell me orders okay you ready yeah try this one can we make it not cheese now here when you’re cheese, and one are multiple that would normally be all caption actually one copy, and cheese fight jeez anuria you’re gonna do the normal one yeah this is what they look like no I don’t trust you anymore. So bring you our tea. But you’re good on, and what it looks like guys there’s a relay out Christmas I feel like we don’t need to go to lunch oh good this is not good out in a sample table.

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So many all right one more one more what you’re going to do he’s an ice cream got any other dreams boy if you don’t get too full from the tasting station you can come, and buy them, and this is what they look like they’re like no no no a dollar dollar fifty pretty cheap I need to see if I can find a testing plate suggests that would be discussing this is probably the biggest like city we’ve been to in Malaysia besides KL like a waterfront with some high-rises, and yoga the Hilton we’re currently going for a bit of an explore on the city, and go find somewhere to eat lunch, and we want to cross the river, and they’ve just got a little little local bike for us to jump on probably would be easier vegetable to fridge will fund on the load right there building on literally the city exists here, and the village is just that they don’t want to own a car they can literally just jump on that boat for one ringgit come across to the city just the water we cross that’s parliament house by the way how cool is the building actually quite beautiful here, I’m excited to see a bit more would be in Asia Bob we didn’t find a super cool little cute cafe for up to have a quick off the end will play upstairs some of the really cool actually the coffee’s just as good as the plate thank you so much yeah yeah we keep noticing these cats everywhere, and then we found a very keen mean more cat come down to country chicken little food court get some lunch that looks good we found based cheese tart which, I’m hoping is a Malaysian kind of dessert, and we’re going to try one, and let’s try this key try it for the plaque it looks like a custard sauce that whole cheek what like favorite we go for it the Queen of favori that’s queer do you like it oh sweet cheese like a cheesecake do you like that I do. But, I’m expecting vigilance we must be popular though they literally have like boxes, and boxes, and boxes of them, and they only sell the tea tart what do you give it out of five like a three at the track – fine thank you. But things guys we’ve decided to try fried Furion ha ha why this is that good calm Fineman hammer I don’t want to try have enough I can smell it Oh stinky like this is tried you have to find something that was disgusting do mom we gotta feel even sting.

I’m going to throw up he’d have to say you have to describe it, I’m gonna put you up for a rest today I really don’t feel like it do what you have to either think sort of our needs the truth how do people like Geryon that’s all guys we’ve searched far, and wide we will look to the book easter egg they don’t have Easter eggs they don’t think celebrate ethnic air in Malaysia. But we’re finally it is like we found all kind of fun. So having a mini Easter is good Thursday at the moment, and we are celebrating Easter we have got hot chocky Aqaba chocolate apocryphon yes operation an influence of parliament is a miracle chocolate happy good Easter Friday Thursday everybody come on in everybody how you guys doing today is now the next day, and we’ve decided to come out to Mikko National Park, and of course when we go to a national park we reconnaissance pack properly Malaysia keeps surprising us we expect to just go to a normal National Park you know one you declare go like Grand Canyon or something like that with pathway, I’m in short shorts, and thongs, and we need to cross the croc infested water to get to the National Park apparently there’s been about 10 people that have been eaten from crocodiles allegedly in this river what’s that John are we we should be fine hopefully there’s no leeches in this National Park object at the crocodile get eaten by crocodile thank you thank you guys how amazing is this you just stopped off in the myth of the National Park, and there’s no one here honestly Malaysia you just keep blowing me away with these little hidden gems like this pretty should be crawling in tourists. But there’s no one here, and it is so beautiful had to point this out I think that either crabs or something that’s been digging.

But they’ve been making these like flower patterns from digging up all the different dirt it looks really cool to walk on, and there’s this entire beach is littered with all these marks welcome to the bakery National Park everyone there’s very much the National Park, and we are here, and we’re just going to do this trail here this is about an hour just to show you like how big this National Park is we’re going to go there look for some wildlife, and then we’re going to come back we’re literally just leaving the entrance, and there’s a wild boar just in there hey buddy just your friendly reminder that we are in a natural Wildlife Park. So this is baby your buddy. So we found a Viper, and you can see its tail just there totally it’s poisonous some glad we’re so close to it where’s its head oh wow yeah yeah this head I know how you found that. But apparently they’re more active during the nighttime guys how interesting is this crab it’s only got one giant claw like it just literally went to the gym on that one right arm and. So brightly colored as well these are the guys that were making the holes on the beach alrighty this is the way we go on into the jungle I see the big noise it must be like a clan here we found the big most monkeys ah if we didn’t totally die humid, I’m sweating. But it doesn’t matter this has got to be one of the most beautiful rainforest hike that we’ve done every turn is just a new new beautiful part of the rainforest I better catch up we just got out it’s been about 45 minutes in the hike this is the beautiful beach that we have been greeted with I think we spent too much time here reading the views we have to hike back, and also I am so happy we saw the big nose monkey that was my one goal of this National Park is to see the big noise monkey ticked-off in the wild, I’m happy to.

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