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It’s really our mission to have happy travelers. We want our customers to have the best time they can have in a destination. Do stuff they would’ve never even imagined they could do when they’re on their holiday. Travel is in our DNA. Travel is exciting. Travel is always going to be around.

We’re always going to be chasing that next big thing to find what we need to, to be the biggest and best travel company. Viator has been around for over 20 years. We gather together the biggest and best set of tours and activities world wide. One of the best parts about being part of the TripAdvisor family, is now that set of experiences is accessible by the millions of people that use TripAdvisor to research and plan their vacations. Anytime I get on the phone with a partner, no matter where they are in the world, usually the very first thing we talk about is where did you go that weekend, what did you do. what vacation you were on most recently. You can really feel that love of adventure. That’s something that’s so uniquely shared within this industry. We’re a global company. We have offices all around the world, and that’s part of what makes it interesting.

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We have people from diverse backgrounds that bring different viewpoints. What I love about this place is that there’s so much openness. And there’s so much cross-collaboration. I talk to people in London, I talk to people in Sydney, all day. Our culture is very team-oriented. Collaboration not just encouraged, it’s actually recognized as the most important thing. You know, my team spans across Sydney, Las Vegas, working with other teams in Boston and Needham, so you know, there’s lots of opportunities to really share best practices and, you know, continue to learn from each other. We built a creative environment designed to support collaboration. This means we have everything from stand up meeting rooms, through to couches, break out areas, we’ve got a bar, a huge kitchen, and fantastic terraces. So for me personally, exercise is a great way to de-stress.

With our offices now, we have tennis courts across the road. A lot of people go at lunch time. There’s that social element as well. You build relationships, you get to meet people from other teams, and the whole business becomes more collaborative on a social level, but then that obviously flows back into work lives as well. A big part of our company culture is making sure that we’re finding new opportunities and ways to connect both internally within the office but externally outside as well. You know, we have sports leagues, we celebrate every single holiday. I mean, we’re working for an international company. All of our employees come together to cook food and just really share their personal cultures as well. We do have the barbecue on the balcony so the Aussie way of life is also very much there as well. I think one of the really exciting reasons to be here is working in an environment where not only do you get to enjoy the start-up, scrappy, fast-paced atmosphere, but you know, we’re the leader in our space and so we’re absolutely part of something much larger.

Our engineers get to work on a lot of cool platforms. We do everything from native Android, native IOS, we have consumer apps, we have apps for suppliers, we have extranets. Then obviously we have a flagship websites and mobile websites. The Viator technologies is great. And as you work on different part of system, you get to learn. All the code base is public, everybody has access to everything. If you’re game, you can look at anybody’s code. That culture of openness actually makes you a better developer because you understand different styles of coding and different styles of tech. I think what makes working here unique, is that we’re able to never stop learning. Hopefully engineers are inspired by the fact that they’re involved early in the product design cycle.

So rather than just coming in and building something that’s been specked out, they’re actually part of the solution. What you do directly effects revenue, experience of customers, and everything. I actually said to a couple of people, I’m surprised their not travel agents. The whole TripAdvisor crew are very big on encouraging travel, so we get reimbursements for personal travel that we do. Viator really encourages all employees to get out, try our activities. We get great discounts and an awesome travel reimbursement. They learn a lot about working with our products over seas, so it really helps kind of close that loop and bring that feedback back into Viator. Travel is one of my greatest passions, so to be able to be part of a company that really supports that and helps support my desire to wanna see more of the world is really exciting.

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