Unreal Egyptian Paradise in Dahab

Hey guys it’s 1:00 in the morning I woke up on a bus going to dahab just gotten into dahab had a pretty tiresome bus journey from Cairo the bus was supposed to be about seven hours to get here. But it ended up taking more like 10 / 10 hours.

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But, I’m here now I have a pretty normal hotel room I think it’s about ten dollars a night that’s generally what they are here. So dahab is on the Sinai Peninsula it’s actually one of the most famous places in the world for diving, and snorkeling, and coral reefs. So really looking forward to all that obviously gorgeous Beach here the hotel that, I’m staying at is really close to the beach, and close repair time check back later look at this it’s like I’ve wandered into a treasure cave in here, and this is just one of the shops, and they’re all. So amazing all these things it smells. So good in here like spices they smell the sorts of stuff I can cash to be doing a lot more shopping, and buying here than I intended walking around the hub right now it is so relaxing here. So different from Giza it’s very laid-back everyone’s just kind of chillin at cafes there’s all of these shops it seems like a very touristy place.

But it’s abandoned. Because look there’s no one no one here. So it’s a little I don’t know a little bit of a strange feeling. But yes are the ocean beautiful I think that, I’m gonna go snorkeling maybe diving tomorrow, and hello, and ya see what else everyone’s really nice found an awesome cafe to sit with a view of the street, and the ocean walking in the town early in the Hey everybody just leaves the stuff from their shops out all night, and they don’t close the doors they have everything just completely out no one is gonna take it I can even go walk into the shop right now like this, and there’s nobody, and they don’t need to lock it at night which is pretty cool mannequins were having a fight overnight maybe drank too much who knows I don’t know if you guys can see on the post it might be easier to tell in person. But there are about a million fish down here, and they’re all jumping, and there’s bigger fish trying to herd them closer to shore, and well eat them. But they’re all jumping out of the water is so : then there’s a sunrise as well today I came to do what is probably one of the best-known attractions in the hub, and that is to go snorkeling in the Blue Hole it is so deep you can’t even see the bottom it just descends into darker, and darker blue waters, and then up closer to the surface where I was snorkeling obviously is all these coral, and fish swimming around, and it was just amazing such clear water hey welcome just around in his grave you think now we take about there’s some Bedouins living here, and they made me this drink good you’re gonna see why it’s called would be hopefully you guys can hear me Egypt oh it’s so cute. So little poke that you guys liked reading my adventures here in.

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