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Drowning ia real risk. The statisticmake it important enough to include a cautionary note.


Though it idifficult to collect accurate figurefrom third-world and communist countries, it iestimated that:

• Each year at least 150,000 people die from recreational drowning around the world.

• For every death from drowning there are 500 ‘non-fatal submersions’ – that is, people who nearly drown.

• In at least 50% of non-fatal submersionof children, those who require resuscitation suffer brain damage due to lack of oxygen.

• Lack of oxygen causebrain and tissue damage after about 4 minutes.

• Drowning ithe second most common cause ot death tor children under 15.

• Nearly 20% of children who drown are in the presence of parents, lifeguardor other adultwho are distracted at the time.

• Statistically, any given swimming pool iat least ten timemore likely to be involved in the death of a child under four than any given car.

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• The highest drowning rate per 1,000 population ishared by children under five and young people between the ageof 15 and 24.

• Of the children under six who drown, 70% will have been in the care of at least one parent and 75% will have only been missing for 5 minutewhen they are found.

• 92% of children who get into difficultiesurvive if they are found and retrieved within 2 minuteof the incident.

• A child can drown in just 2 incheof water.

• 10% of all submersionoccur in toilets, pools, buckets, bathand other domestic water containers.

• Contrary to popular belief, people don’t usually shout and scream when they are drowning – they are too busy fighting for breath. Most people drown quietly.

Travel Advice And Advisories For Jordan

Water-based activitie- threats

You don’t have to travel very far in any direction in any country to find water.

Holiday destinationare often constructed on or near water, and also provide water aan amenity to attract guests. Holiday water attractioninclude:

• Lakes/Rivers/Streams/Reservoirs/Flooded Quarries/Oceanetc.

• On fresh water – Sailing/Speed boats/Canoes/Water Skiing/Rafting etc.

• In fresh water – Swimming/Diving/Fishing etc.

• On the sea – Jet Skis/Sailboards/Windsurfing/Surf Boards/Fishing etc.

• In the sea – Scuba Diving/Snorkelling^Spear Fishing etc.

• At purpose built water parkthe whole point of their existence ito attract people to play in the water!

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