Travel to Galway

Travel to Galway


St. Martin’s, 2 Nun’s Island Rd. (568 286), at the end of the O’Brien Bridge. Located near Galway’s best pubs, St. Martin’s also has a gorgeous back garden that sits on the bank of the river. All rooms with bath. Singles ‚32; doubles ‚60.

Adria House, 34 Beach Court ( 589 444). Home to a dynamic duo of owners (one is a former chef and the other is a former member of the tourist board), Adria House has nice rooms located between the city center and Salthill. Singles ‚20-55; doubles ‚40- 110; prices highest in July and Aug.

Ashford Manor, 7 College Rd. (563 941). A classy, if pricey, B&B that offers ample amenities. Breakfast included. Singles ‚45-48; doubles ‚90-96.


The east bank has the greatest concentration of restaurants. Your best budget options are the cafes and pubs around Quay St. High St. and Shop St. On Saturday, an Hopen market, on Market St. offers cheap pastries, delicious ethnic foods, and fresh fruit. (Open 8am- 5pm.)

Anton’s, Father Griffin Rd. (528 067), just over the bridge near the Spanish Arch. A hip eatery with innovative meals. The scrambled eggs with smoked salmon (‚5) is delicious. Open M-F 8am-6pm, Sa 10am-5pm.

McDonagh’s, 22 Quay St. (565 Oil), has been serving up the best fish and chips in Galway for over a century. The restaurant half of McDonagh’s boasts an incredible selection of seafood dishes. Takeaway fish fillet and chips ‚5.60. (Open daily noon- midnight; takeaway Su 5-llpm.)

Java’s, Abbeygate St. (567 400). Hip, dimly lit cafe. The New York-style bagels (‚4.80) are excellent, as are the brownies. Open daily 10:30am-3am.

Tulsi, Buttermilk Walk (564 831), between Middle and High St. This award-winning restaurant serves some of Ireland’s best Indian food. The lunch (‚7) is cheaper than the nearby fast food joints, and much better. Open daily noon-3pm and 6-10pm.

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