Tape Boll Paraguay

Those up for a little adventure can make their way up the hill that overlooks Sapucai. The road up the hill is called Tape BoH after the Bolivian soldiers (prisoners of war from the Chaco War) that constructed it (tape is road in Guarani). The road starts near the town church. As you head higher up the hill you will pass small houses and farms where people continue to live as if neither the train nor the new highway existed.

The turn off to Sapucai is on Bernardino Caballero to the left right before the Paraguari Hospital (on the left) past town. You will pass a fancy large Palacio de Justicia (Palace of Justice) on your

right before the road veers right. Sapucai is thirty kilometers from Paraguari.

If traveling by bus, Empresa Paraguari (Tel: 0531 432 479) has daily buses that run from Asuncion’s bus terminal for Gs. 12,000.

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