Dressing Up in Puerto Rico

Dressing in Puerto Rico is much like with the rest of the United States but it is more similar to Latin
America. Beach wear like trunks and bikinis are common sight in the island, while informal wear is
acceptable at night in most areas.
Since Puerto Rico has tropical climate, guests are encouraged to wear comfortable and light fabric
clothing. If staying in the mountains at night, don’t forget to bring a sweater.

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The tide is exceptionally strong due to the funnelling affect in the channel. This is obviously best dived at slack tide when the Frying Pan Shank is showing above the surface. Seal Gut is in fact the local name for the long, narrow lagoon formed by the islets on the northeastern side of Longstone at low tide. My colleagues and I, though, have always referred to the section of water between the Longstone and Knavestone as Seal Gut as an easy reference when discussing dive sites. This site is located about 50 metres in a WNW direction off the western corner of Knavestone. This is an excellent dive site, the top of this huge reef in seal Gut resembling a mini-mountain ridge with steep sloping sides. The vicious tidal currents rip up the life-covered slopes and whip the two-and-a-half metre tangleweed on the top of it into a frenzy. The surface during a spring tide boils with overfalls, causing massive surges and two-metre rollers. There are all kinds of marine life about and it is a very scenic dive, but one best made at slack water. It is possible to dive on neap tides where you can shelter behind the reef on the opposite side to the tidal flow, but a surface marker buoy is essential.

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