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During the trial Jack Livingston claimed insanity. A long parade of witnesses took the stand to describe what happened that Saturday evening. There was no question that he shot Leebove. Whether he had good attorneys or just his charismatic nature, the jury found him not guilty by reason of insanity. People just couldn’t believe that this man could commit murder. It was so far from his normal good nature he must have been insane. Livingston spent 90 days in mental rehabilitation then was released. Shortly after being release he moved to New Jersey.

Mammoth oil continued to operate very successfully for many years under the leadership of Sam Garfield. Most of the employees working for Mammoth never realized there was ever a mob connection.

Walking under the hotel marquee, we opened the doors to a small, but elegant lobby that has maintained its original 1920’s elegance. Rich wood walls were still covered with original pieces from the early days, including an oxen yoke that was a favorite of A.J. Doherty. Leather furniture rested on thick carpeting. To our left was a banquet room and on our right the infamous bar where Leebove met his untimely death. Directly in front of us was a staircase leading to upper floor rooms.

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