Izmir is the ttod-largest city in Turkey and its second-largest port. It is spread out around the shores of an extensive bay that is busy with shipping and sheltered bv encircling mountains. The mildness of the climate tempered by refreshing afternoon breezes m the summer, the broad avenues lined with palm trees, the houses rising in terraces up the hillsides, and the life and energy of the city all entitle it to the name Guzel Izmir – beautiful Izmir. Izmir is the ideal center from which to visit nearly all ot lurkey s most famous and important archaeological sites and resorts Kadifekale above the city stands on ancient Mount Pagos.

The citadel, originally built in the 4th century BC was restored many times thereafter. From here one has a magnificent view of the city and bay while enjoying a relaxing tea or coffee. Down below is Konak by the sea with its lovely clock tower standing near the bustling narrow alley-ways of the old bazaar with its never ending assortment of antiques’ jewelry and garments In the center of the city is huge Kultur Park where Izmir’s famous summer-long fair is held every year. Also world-famous is Izmir’s archaeological museum with its marvelous collection in Aegean Anatolia. Izmir’s Kordonboyu an elegant promenade lined with cafes, restaurants and pubs, is an excellent place to sit, relax and watch the activity.

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