Florence Map Tourist Attractions

Florence Map Tourist Attractions


Hotel La Scaletta, V. Guicciardini 13b (055 28 30 28). Turn right onto V. Roma from the duomo, cross Ponte Vecchio and walk on V. Guicciardini. Has views of Boboli gardens. Breakfast included. Reception open until midnight. Singles ‚51, with bath ‚93; doubles ‚120; 10% Let’s Go discount when you pay cash. MCV.

Sorelle Bandini, P.S. Spirito 9 (055 21 53 08; fax 055 28 27 61). From Ponte S.Trin-ita, continue down V. Maggio and take the 3rd right into P.S. Spirito. 12 rooms on the top two floors of a 500-year-old palace. Spectacular views of the Oltrarno from the huge, wrap-around loggia (lodges). Breakfast included. Doubles ‚108, with bath ‚130; triples ‚148178.


Campeggio Michelangelo, V. Michelangelo 80 (m055 681 19 77), beneath Piazzale Michelangelo. Take bus #13 from the bus station (15min.; last bus 11:25pm). Crowded, but a great view of Florence. Open Apr.-Nov. ‚7 per person, ‚4.70 per tent, ‚4.30 per car. O


Florence’s hearty cuisine originated in the peasant fare of the countryside. Specialties include bruschetta (grilled bread soaked with olive oil and garlic and topped with tomatoes and basil, anchovy, or liver paste) and bistecca alia Fiorentina (thick sirloin steak). Wine is a Florentine staple, and genuine chi-anti classico commands a premium price; a liter costs ‚3.70-5.20 in Florence’s trattorie, while stores sell bottles for as little as ‚2.60. The local dessert is cantuccini di prato (almond cookies made with egg yolks) dipped in vinsanto (a rich dessert wine made from raisins). Florence’s own Buontal-enti family supposedly invented gelato; true or not, you must sample it. For lunch, visit a rosticceria gastronomia, peruse the city’s pushcarts, or pick up fresh produce or meat at the Mercato Centrale, between V. Nazionale and S. Lorenzo. (Open June-Sept. M-Sa 7am-2pm; Oct.-May M-F 7am-2pm, Sa 7am-2pm and 4-8pm.) To get to STANDA supermarket, V. Pietrapiana lr, turn right on V. del Proconsolo, take the first left on Borgo degli Albizi, and continue straight through P.G. Salvemini; it will be on the left. (Open M-Sa 8am-9pm, Su 9:30am-l:30pm and 3:30-6:30pm.)


Trattoria Anita, V. del Parlascio 2r (055 21 86 98), just behind the Bargello. Dine by candlelight, surrounded by expensive wine bottles on wooden shelves. Traditional Tuscan fare-filling pastas and an array of meat dishes from roast chicken to beefsteak Florentine. Primi ‚4.70-5.20. Secondi from ‚5.20. Fantastic lunch menu ‚5.50. Cover ‚1. Open M-Sa noon-2:30pm and 7-10pm. AmExMCV.

H Acqua al Due, V. Vigna Vecchia 40r ( 055 28 41 70), behind the Bargello. Popular with young Italians. Serves Florentine specialties, including an excellent assaggio (‚7.50). Primi ‚6.70; second from ‚7-19. Cover ‚1. Reserve ahead. Open daily 7pm-lam. Al Lume di Candela, V. delle Terme 23r (055 265 65 61), halfway between P.S. Trin-ita and P. della Signoria. Candlelit tables illuminate the bright yellow walls of this restaurant that serves Tuscan, Venetian, and southern Italian favorites. Primi ‚6-8. Secondi ‚9.60-12. Open daily noon-2:30pm and 7-1 lpm. AmExMCV.

Le Colonnine, V. dei Benci 6r, north of the Ponte alle Grazie. Delicious traditional fare. Pizza ‚4.70. Pasta from ‚7. Famous paella for 2 could feed a small army (‚18). Open daily noon-3:30pm and 6:30pm-midnight.

Trattoria da Benvenuto, V. della Mosca 16r (055 21 48 33). Pastel decor and linen tablecloths make for comfortable dining. Spaghetti alle vongole (with clams) ‚5.50. Penne with mushrooms and olives ‚5.50. Primi ‚4.50-8.50. Secondi ‚6-13. Cover ‚1.50.10% service charge. Open M-Sa noon-2:30pm and 7-10:30pm. AmExMCV. La Loggia degli Albizi, Borgo degli Albizi 39r (055 247 95 74). From behind the duomo, go right on V. del Proconsolo and take the 1st left onto Borgo degli Albizi. Head

2 blocks down and look right. A hidden treasure, this bakerycafe offers an escape from the tourist hordes. Pastries and coffee from ‚0.80 each. Open M-Sa 7am-8pm.


Tre Merli, entrances on V. del Moro llr and V. dei Fossi 12r (055 28 70 62). Beautiful red mushroom lights shine on booths for a candlelit meal. Primi ‚7.50-14. Secondi ‚12-19. Cover ‚2. Lunch menu ‚12. Open daily llam-llpm. AmExMCV. Trattoria da Giorgio, V. Palazzuolo lOOr. Generous portions. Menu ‚8-9. Expect a wait. Open M-Sa noon-3:30pm and 7pm-12:30am.

Trattoria Contadino, V. Palazzuolo, 7lr (055 238 2673). Filling, homestyle meals. Offers fixed price menu only that includes primi, secondi, bread, water, and ,25L of house wine for ‚9.50. Open M-Sa noon-2:30pm and 6-9:30pm. AmExMCV. Trattoria Antellesi, V. Faenza 9r (055 21 69 90). Classic Tuscan trattoria tucked just off P. Madonna Aldobrandini. A fine place to sample regional favorites such as pecorino antipasto and bistecca alia Fiorentina (‚16). Primi ‚5.50-7.50. Secondi ‚9.50-16. Cover ‚1. Open Su-M and W-Sa noon-2:30pm and 7-10:30pm. AmExMCV.

Amon, V. Palazzuolo 28r (055 29 31 46). Cheerful owner cooks his own bread and serves scrumptious Middle Eastern food. Try the mousaka (pita filled with baked eggplant) or foul (spiced beans). Open Su and Tu-Sa noon-3pm and 6-1 lpm.

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