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Taking Cues From Nature

Many ao po’i stitches are inspired by Paraguay’s natural surroundings. Popular stitches include: jupirupi ‘a (frog eggs), ju ‘i retyma (frog legs), abejita (little bees), panal de abeja (honeycomb), ysyry (stream) andysyry’i (little stream).


Granja Nemity Enjoy the view of Yataity and the surrounding areas from the hotel’s fourth floor observation deck and stroll along the grounds which include a small pool and a soccer field and lots of shady trees. There is also a small store and restaurant serving empanadas and other Paraguayan basics. Tel: 0549 200 950 971, 228 901, 021 512 028, located at the crossroads between Rt 8 and the northernmost entrance to Yataity, approximately one km from Yataity itself and twenty-six kilometers from Coronel Oviedo, Gs. 80,000 per person, Gs, 150,000for full room and board, Camping Gs. 30,000 per person. AC, pool


Pukurui Na Rosa runs this small unassuming (and unsigned) restaurant. It is best to stop by ahead of time and put in a request for milanesas, empanadas or other basic Paraguayan dishes. Located on the left-hand side just before the paved road turns left at Avenida de las Artesanas, Gs. 5,000-10,000

Purchasing Ao po’i

Cooperativa Yataity Ao po’i Ltda. The cooperative is the biggest store in Yataity and employs many area women. Prices are a little bit higher than in neighboring stores but it is a good place to get an idea of the wide variety of ao po ‘i products available. The cooperative also has a nice bathroom. Tel: 0549 200 18,on the corner of the town plaza facing the front of the church (there are no street signs but the Cooperativa itself is well signed), cooperativaaopoiyataity.blogspot.com/, Mon-Sat 8am-12pm, 1:30pm-5pm, Sun 8am-1pm

Oga Guazu Though the store is small friendly shop owners Marina and Olga have a good

variety of tablecloths, men’s shirts, adorable little girl dresses and interesting blankets, runners and floor rugs made of ao po ‘i scraps. Tel: 0549 20082, corner of Avenida de las Artesanas and Francisco Velazquez just where the paved road into town turns, Mon-Sat 7am-8pm

Guadalupe Artesama A large selection of men’s and women’s clothing with many original designs and different items you might not see in other stores. The fit on women’s clothing is good. Tel: 0549 20005, first store across the street from the Cooperativa Yataity, daily 8am-5pm

Confecciones Dany This small workshop specializes in men’s shirts – if they don’t have one you like it can be made within the hour. Tel: 0549 20040, Corner of Buenos Aires and Coronel Bogado, daily 7am-9pm

Modernizing Ao po ‘i

Although ao po ‘i is a traditional Paraguayan handicraft in existence since the start of the nation it has only recently come into vogue among the upper classes in Asuncion. Three Asuncion-based brands are responsible for ao po ‘i’s return to the spotlight. Designer Cecilia Fadul has been a pioneer in popularizing the use of ao po ‘i in women’s fashions from blouses to wedding dresses. Shopping Britanico is largely responsible for popularizing (and exporting) men’s dress shirts made out of ao po ‘i (they look similar to guayaberas). More recently trendy clothing line Pombero has come on the scene offering modern, youth-oriented designs including strapless dresses and tunics. Though all three employ artisans from Yataity they do not have storefronts in town (see Shopping, Handicrafts for store listings).

Getting There

Yataity is located at km 164 of Route 8. There are two entrances to town from Route 8, approximately one kilometer each other. Route 8 can be accessed by either Route 2 or by the road which connects Paraguari on Route 1 to Villarrica on Route 8.

The Guairena bus line has several direct buses that run daily to Yataity from Asuncion for Gs.

25,000. Yataity (also known as Yataity del Guaira) should not be confused with Yataity del Norte. There are also buses that head to Yataity from the bus terminals in both Villarrica and Coronel Oviedo, however it is best to verify that the bus enters town and does not just drop passengers off at the entrance to town.

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