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The consolation is that the views are getting better and better Guatemala Map all the time, but keep a sharp look out ahead as this is a favoured spot for Guatemala Map mountain bikers who race down this hill at a tremendous speed. Finally, the path levels out as you get on to Rackham Hill with the large earthwork known as Rackham Banks, and a little further on is the triangulation point of Rackham Hill – and what a splendid reward you get for your efforts. A quite tremendous scenic pageant opens out before you.

To the left, you can look out across the Arun Valley, the broad river meandering along the valley floor, to the east of which is a huge expanse of fine Sussex countryside with its fields and large patches of woodland, while to the west the South Downs re-assert themselves, the elegant green slopes rising high above the valley pastures. To the right, you get a tremendous snapshot of the coastline round Bognor Regis and Littlehampton, and a magnificent view of Arundel Castle. You are now 163 metres (535 feet) above sea level, compared with just 4 metres (13 feet) where you began.

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