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Welcome to the French Riviera oh my goodness, it’s absolutely stunning here I’m so excited to come today. I’m each there’s two different types of beaches here in the French Riviera or me in particular there’s private.

And then this public beaches the cottages, you can see behind me are just then or broth he’s kind of free whatever. And then there’s all these like little step’ look about the huts things, you can pay to sit in. So we’re lazy we’re not lazy.

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I think we made the right choice. And we decided to get the private beach lounge shares. So here’s our private beach that we have, it’s okay hola um it cost us 20 euro which comes with one drink service which is amazing.

And two free Wi-Fi. And walk technically three, it’s a washroom which doesn’t sound like, it’s that important, but trust me, it’s pretty important anyways how would, you pee at samatha. I’m getting it oh well Doris there won’t be a drink at, it’s only new dolly 12 there is.

So many so much each year like crazy go topless. So immature right now we’ve talked on the fragonard’s perfumery learn about by some amazing computer friends it is what we call in French order to a let or is written e au.

And that means water the formula contains water that’s why the bottle is figure diluted. So, you can spray in quantity or de toilette is made from ten percent of essential oil alcohol. And water to dilute if you rhythm the bottle all the back farm is 15 percent of oil alcohol.

And water the best quality, you buy from the stores is FAFSA. And that’s also the most expensive product. And that’s why we buy the perfume for special occasion.

And just use every day we buy or de toilette because, it’s more affordable, this is 24 percent of essential oil. And alcohol no water that means if you try a perfume on, you note, it’s only compared to the toilet that is why. I recommend to spray on the skin not.

I’m clothing because it stains no, it’s called ill demo island of love, it’s really different from number one number one is kind of citrusy this one is all shiny number three my state we start getting a call we always have that because your body stays the same as, you Justin Bieber, but if you look like this in French pronounce it in French je vais well as, you can be say that means beautiful just one piece very exotic because contains vanilla. And coconut even a touch of chocolate me run to the ladies like number four. I’m gonna sing a lot before, you step back in touch warmer yes we say that something edible bones when, you feel that kind of frog is not numb yeah.

I guess that’s my fave that’s like. I smell amazing seriously. I wish, you guys could smell me right now because.

I felt fantastic morally vanilla vanilla. ?

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