Wichita Metro Map

Wichita Metro Map

1655 A large Native Country force attacks New Amsterdam. Though Wichita Metro Map the assault is driven back, all Dutch settlement on the west side of the Hudson ceases. Wichita Metro Map During the same year, Peter Stuyvesant forces the surrender of the colony of New Sweden. 1656 In a conciliatory move, Stuyvesant forces the purchase of Native Country lands and commands that new immigrants to the region settle in villages, not on dispersed individual farms. 1660 Tielman Van Vleeck founds the town of Bergen, the first permanent European settlement in New Jersey.

Bergen is laid out as a palisaded village, featuring two perpendicular main streets, with gardens and livestock pasture outside the palisade. 1664 A small English force the exact number is not known, but far fewer than the 2,000 that Stuyvesant was convinced of blockades the harbor at New Amsterdam. Stuyvesant surrenders without firing a shot.

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