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In less than a mile, the buildings of our next Jakarta Subway Map village, Litlington, come into view. Your path seems to be making a beeline for them Jakarta Subway Map , but then swings right, through a gate, and shortly swings left on what is now a metalled surface. Very soon you arrive at the road and the centre of Litlington. Litlington, like Alfriston, has Saxon origins, and although it lacks the charisma of Alfriston it is still a charming unspoilt place with a character of its own, and a magical setting with the Cuckmere meadows on one side and the steep-sided Downs on the other.

It possesses a number of very attractive flint, stone and brick houses and gardens; one particularly prominent building, from which an excellent view is available from the waterside walk from Alfriston, has a plain stone top half and a flint bottom half. One of the larger properties, Clapham House, is the house where Maria Fitzherbert is supposed to have lived before she secretly married the Prince Regent, the future George IV, in 1785.

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