What’s up guys right now it is my final moments here in Paris. I’m just about to head off to the airport but I wanted to put together a post to summarize my six days in Paris giving, you the top 10 places to see as a first-time visitor now today’s post is very unique because.

I had the opportunity to partner with 23andme in making it essentially about a month ago. I spat into a tube from there. I sent in that tube with my saliva to a DNA lab.


And 23andme ran their DNA tests to let me know that. I’m actually primarily French. And German from there they gave me the incredible opportunity to come here.

And explore my heritage. And now it is my opportunity to share with, you my top 10 choices from my 6 days here in Paris. So without further ado let’s hop into number 10 number 10 on my top 10 list of Paris is Sean Daly Zhi Shan disease a is characterized by restaurants shopping.

And tourism everything from high-end to fast fashion, you will find plenty of shopping here, it’s also not a bad place to try out your first French meal everything from macaroons to coffee shops, you will find it here in Shelley’s egg number 9 is the Basilica of note slow down no clue DOM is one of the oldest buildings in Paris. And, it’s absolutely stunning, it’s truly a flashback into the 12th century if you come here one thing, you can definitely expect is to face some crowds there’s always gonna be a lineup outside of the door, you remove either yeah we should watch it actually this church was built off Quasimodo a year later if you ended up visiting no Saddam well then. I have something that’s right next door that’s definitely worth visiting number nine point one on the list is the love bridge just a 5-minute walk away from local Dom it is definitely worth visiting 2po enough which means bridge nine, it’s just like a couple blocks down from where it used to be we got lots of locks oh we’re going to lock down our love now with a ring, but with the luck how much for the seven year oh I’ll do five five dollars for love that’s all cuz it’s.

So ugly damn, you just know this relationship ain’t falling apart let’s drop the lock into the home well would we have done just like called it quits yeah. So the final step let’s go follow me secure our love just throw it all right perfect now we’ve only got two more yeah now. I believe in value.

And that’s why we’re going on to nine point two nine point two is sainte-chapelle. So we’re right now at saint chapelle. And this church is most well known for its stained glass windows which are just incredibly detailed, it’s pretty quick to see like, you can come through here in like ten minutes.

And the awesome thing is, it’s right next to no pull down. So right after checking that out. And come across the street here check out the love bridge.

And then head over to Sainte Chapelle just like that within an hour. And a half to two. And a half hours, you can see three of the incredible things Paris has to offer number 8 is the Louvre the Louvre is easily one of the most recognized landmarks here in Paris.

And it is the world’s most visited Art Museum when I travel visiting museums is generally very low on my list however with the Louvre. I made the exception to come.

And visit it. And it was definitely worth it right now we’re in the courtyard of what was some rich King. And he was like yo.

I need somewhere to entertain then he had some of the finest architects from the entire country maybe world come here. And build him a little private slice of heaven that’s so much to ask for, you could do the museum in two hours or, you could literally spend the entire day here it is massive Museum.

And there’s a ton to see. And appreciate. I definitely recommend for a first-time Paris visitor to come.

And take a few hours to visit the Louvre you’ll see some of the most famous artworks including the Mona Lisa which by the way the Mona Lisa was probably just about the least impressive thing there, but the rest of it was absolutely incredible number seven is the alkyd seal if you go through number 10 shell. And ELISA you’ll probably be passing by this incredible roundabout. And as, you can see the beautiful sunset is currently setting right between the arc.

And we’re about to go underground to get to the other side. And we’re actually gonna be climbing it to go. And see what the sunset looks like over Paris we made it that’s a good workout.

And. I’m a little busy although the monument is beautiful the most impressive thing, you can do here is actually go up here for sunset, this is absolutely incredible by far the highlight of today we are on top of Paris in what feels like the jet smack center of it like, this is like arteries running in different directions of the city everything from the Eiffel Tower to the financial district, it’s a great vantage point to watch that incredible sunset over Paris number six is a little cliche but I have to add it into the list my next tip is to honestly just walk around because the streets are so beautiful here as soon as, you get into the downtown area you’ll be blown away that every single Street is a work of art from the alleyways to the main arteries the restaurants the architecture. And the atmosphere is absolutely incredible. I’ve had the incredible opportunity of traveling to a lot of places around the world.

And there is no city that has ever come close to being as beautiful as Paris, you honestly don’t even need to take a taxi to get around, you can just take your two feet. And get on your bare way because everything here see is amazing let’s take your two feet. And get on your merry way.

I do say some things like that old people say yeah you’d say a lot of old people things. I know what area. I know we’re literally just absolutely wonder what ground it we would tell, you what we don’t know we don’t know where were walking.

And there’s just this massive church with gargoyles hanging off the side, this is a French 101 listen this right here is a shot Bonjour that was Francois the shock wave number five is up on the top of the hill mo melts what. I love so much about mo mouths was that it felt like.

I was going back into traditional Paris, you got the curvy cobblestone roads. And although, it’s certainly nowhere near tourist free, you do get the feeling that is more traditional than other parts of Paris. And Shawntel is a like, you get that beautiful awesome a nian style, but here like, you see the aging of it the cobblestone roads look a bit older the buildings look a bit unperfect.

And not as well kept which. I actually think brings way more character into it it’s so so cool.

I’m not ever as, you get further up into mole melt things actually do get a little bit busier. And to be honest that was probably my least favorite part of the entire visit the best parts were simply walking through the residential areas going through the beautiful little alleyways. And streets, but if you’re willing to put up with the crowds at the very top there is an extremely beautiful reward.

And that is sakta Cove, this is just such a incredible church as, you can see though it is a tourist hub like there’s tons. And tons of other people around so. I would say that for me.

I’m glad. I came to see it, but, it’s one of those things, you see once, you probably would never come back, but the nice thing about this area in multiple mouths is that you’re actually on top of the hill. So, you can oversee pretty much all of Paris.

I see they told the AFL over there. I see like some of the churches in the distance, you can see the financial district, it’s absolutely beautiful here. So this in itself is worth coming up the hill to go get dinner get a lunch whatever you’re doing, this is something, you cannot even imagine yeah Avenue a la Pele’s devel side wait is a palace.

So, it’s not mother. So this was all one dudes house can, you imagine, this is like Project X to the mat like, you can literally have all the Village People here you’re like B y ou W bring your own wine don’t think that beer back then we’re not going to be going inside the castle today today is all about the garden everything behind the castle. And let’s just say we’ve got a few Hector’s to explore.

I can’t see the end here we’re gonna go check the view point over there. And even then you’ll still like barely be able to see all the way to the end this place is huge just a man with a small dream almost bankrupt to the country, but, it’s the most beautiful garden. And, it’s what, it’s about this palace is a display of the power of the King once had.

So much of the country’s resources. And wealth were invested into this one palace that France almost went bankrupt. And while luckily no French have to deal with the financial burden of this decision anymore it is truly an incredible palace.

And let’s just say the king had some great days number three is the iconic Eiffel Tower, this is one of those places that, you are gonna deal with crowds, you were probably not gonna see many traditional French people around here, but you’ve come all the way to Paris and, you have to see that iconic Tower. I actually didn’t even wait in line to go on top of the Eiffel Tower although. I had done it as a younger kid.

And, it’s pretty cool, but to enjoy the Eiffel Tower, you don’t have to go on top of it on one side of the tower you’ll have a grass field where you’ll see lots of people taking photos enjoying picnics. And on the other side, you actually have a large staircase. And if you’re a photographer, this is where.

I recommend, you come to get the best photos get yourself on more of a high level view with the building and, you can actually take photos. And make it look like you’re almost alone at the Eiffel Tower which will be far from the truth number two is actually a bit of a hidden gem here, this is ludecke taymiyah, this is a place that. I only found because the local had dm’s me on Instagram saying hey, you got to check up this hidden street in Paris there’s some beautiful buildings.

And we’ve been shooting here for like the past. I don’t know 45 minutes to an hour when I visited there was only a handful of other people coming down this alley.

And for the most part we had it to ourselves which. I was really impressed by make sure to come. And check this one out it is fascinating me beautiful number one drum roll please.

I was told, it’s gonna be like 14 degrees below so much cooler than it is outside the catacombs are a subterranean passage system below the city these passageways actually first began when people started digging for lime stones eventually the city of Paris had expanded. So quickly that the cemeteries began to fill up cemeteries were literally bursting at the seams.

And the odors were getting into the air the king ordered that the Dead be brought down into these passage systems that have been used for mining limestone America. So we’ve just entered the catacomb the official part where they’ve been using it for burial. And as, you can see, this is a massive pile of bones like strategically placed to make the most of the space they had because there’s roughly six to million people’s bones in here they brought all of the dead from above down here to avoid the spread of infection the smell that was getting into the air.

And just to simply make room for a very developed city today these passageways make for an unforgettable visit here in Paris. And they’re truly one-of-a-kind, this is one of the most historically rich places you’ll find in all of Paris and. I would definitely even recommend hiring a guide here there’s a lot of interesting stories even the audio guide doesn’t tell, you literally the most like ancestral exploration, you could ever do.

I think. I passed by some of my ancestors might be a little weird to say that. So that has been my top 10 of Paris.

I hope, you found it helpful and. I have to say that exploring with my DNA test with 23andme it was one of the coolest ways to travel to know that. I was exploring more of my heritage if you’re curious and, you want to take your own 23andme DNA test check out the description down below there’s a link right to their website.

And it’ll be an awesome way for, you to plan your next trip if you want to comment to this blog just click on this box right up here, it’s an awesome way to be notified when my next posts go up. And lastly if you want to get the five hot tips to Paris make sure to click on the box up here. And I’ll be sending, you a dedicated post to get, you ready for your big trip to Paris without further adieu let’s get lost again in the next one.

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