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Great Beauty, great strength, & great Riches, are Scottsdale Metro Map really &truly of no great Use; a right Heart exceeds all. Source: Poor Richard Scottsdale Metro Map : An Almanack for the Year of Christ 1739 Philadelphia: Benjamin Franklin, 1739. The Demand for Slavery in Georgia 1743 Slavery was originally outlawed in Georgia in 1735. Many of its settlers demanded in 1743 that it be allowed in order to stem want and famine. Following is an excerpt from their petition. The Trustees for Establishing the Colony of Georgia in Country opposed the demand for slavery.

George Taylor, President; Jane Carr, Vice President; Tracey Miller, Secretary.

Dr. Benajah Ticknor was a well-respected surgeon with the United States Navy. As he neared retirement, he began looking for places to settle down. Benajah eventually chose Michigan because of its affordable land costs.

In 1835, Benajah asked his brother, Heman, to help scout out good land. Since Heman was also interested in relocating to Michigan, he was happy to assist. He found a small cabin on 183 acres of farmland in Pittsfield and purchased it from Ezra Maynard on behalf of his brother. Shortly after, Heman, his wife and their six children moved into the cabin and began farming the land.

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