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This post, I am in Pompeii. Off in the distance in the fog is Mount Vesuvius. And that is the volcano that erupted and took Pompeii down. And back then it was actually twice as tall as it is now. It’s incredible just to walk around this place. And you can touch the walls they’re just crumbling at your fingertips. And it’s pretty much preserved how it was almost two thousand years ago. We are into the school, college of gladiators in Pompeii.

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And then you see these little rooms all around the field and that’s where they lived. They’d come out everyday, bash each other around, and go back into the dorms. Kind of like college. I’m standing outside an ancient bordello, and all over the walls are pictures that were the menu. You get to choose what position you wanted to do, and you would go into a little room, do your thing. And it’s pretty much an ancient red light district.

And now I am standing right on the main stage of the big theater here in Pompeii. And this is where the comedies were. This is the stuff that I would go and see. They would have about 4500 people would pack these seats. All right here. It’s pretty fun. Check it out. This behind me is an ancient oven. Now, remember Pompeii was a bustling marketplace. This was kind of the birth of fast food. People would come and get their food and go on their way. I love coming to places that I’ve only learned about in history books. Pompeii is even better than I ever could’ve imagined.

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