Vail Hiking Trails Map


This is more serious than the serious hiker’s Explorer map. An Active map is an existing Landranger or Explorer sheet that has been covered in plastic, making it waterproof and more durable. Meet a hiker using one of these maps, and you should doff your walking hat in respect. For in the rear window of their car, back at the car park, will probably be a sticker declaring ‘Active map hikers do it in all weathers!’ Bluffers should arm themselves with one immediately.

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Established in 1977, these maps are compiled by hikers themselves, and leave out much of the detail found on Ordnance Survey maps that hikers find of no interest, such as administrative boundaries, tourist information and the nearest Little Chef. Instead of covering the whole of Britain, as the Ordnance Survey does, Harvey maps concentrate on popular walking areas like Scotland, the Lake District, the Brecon Beacons, and other national parks and long-distance footpaths.

However, intelligent novices will by now have learned an important tip in the art of bluffing. Harvey maps are found in dedicated hiking shops and are produced by hikers for hikers, so should you find yourself in an area covered by a Harvey map, you will immediately gain respect from other hikers if it’s a Harvey that you whip out of your rucksack. It has even more bluffing value than an Active map.

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