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More of a natural waterslide than a waterfall, Salto Pa’i is very popular among families with children. The swimming hole is deep enough to jump into from the surrounding boulders. From Avenida Mariscal Fransisco Solano Lopez (see Salto Suizo) take a right and follow the road until it becomes cobblestone. Take the signed left-hand turn down a dirt road which leads to Salto Pa ‘i, about five kilometers away.

Ita Letra

A curious series of over fifty petro glyphs etched into a cliff face about twenty kilometers from Villarrica. The figures consist of curved zigzags, spirals and crossed lines and strange curvy shapes. The site’s name literally means rock with letter and much has been made of the inscriptions’ mysterious origins. Many believe them to have been made by Viking explorers (though this theory has been officially investigated and discredited). Another theory is that they are evidence of the Tape Aviru, a series of pre-colonial roads stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast. Be careful as there are many wasps in the area. Ita Letra is located twenty-two kilometers from Villarrica in the small community of Tororo. As it is on private property it is best to visit with a tour guide (see Karumbe Xtreme).


Hotel Sport Camping One of the first hotels coming into town the Hotel Sport Camping has regular rooms as well as cute circular bungalows. Grounds include two pools and a small stream as well as a mini soccer court. Spacious bungalows are divided into two sections and you can reserve one or both depending on the size of your party. A tour of the nearby Salto Cantera is free for all guests. The owners can arrange for tours of the surrounding areas as well as horseback riding and mountain bike rentals. There is also a restaurant and during the high season the cook prepares delicious wood oven fired pizzas. Tel: 0981 885 198, on the left-hand side of the road just after the town’s welcome sign,, Bungalows Gs. 130,000-180,000 per couple, Singles: Gs. 110,000, Doubles: 130,000, Camping Gs.

25,000, Wi-Fi, TV, A/C, pools

Hotel Independencia This large hotel’s grounds include two pools and a restaurant with a great view of the Ybytyruzu mountains. The restaurant serves up German specialties (though only on

nights and weekends during the low season). Rooms in the main hotel are very spacious. Tel: 0981 308 588, 0971 302 931, on the left-hand side approximately four kilometers before town, the two story hotel’s large patio make it hard to miss,, Single: Gs, 140,000, Double: Gs. 160,000, Triple: Gs. 190,000, Wi-Fi, TV, A/C, pools

Hotel El Indio Removed from the main road and with only three rooms this small hotel has an intimate, peaceful feel that sets it apart from Colonia Independencia’s larger establishments. Rooms are very nice and fully screened leading on to a wraparound porch with a nice view of neighboring fields and the hills beyond. The hotel’s restaurant serves up good German food, though breakfast is not included in the room rates. Tel: 0984 355 922 (German and English speakers), 0984 355 993 (Spanish speakers), take the signed left-hand turn after Hotel Independencia down a dirt road approximately 1km and then take a signed right-hand turn for another 500 meters,, Single: Gs. 115,000, Double: 140,000, Gs. 25,000 per additional person, Wi-Fi, A/C, mini-fridge, pool

Hotel Tilinski One of Colonia Independencia’s first tourist establishments, Hotel Tilinski is well known for its pretty grounds and delicious food. Rooms are starting to show their age. Due to the distance from town it is best to opt for full room and board. Among the restaurant’s highlights is the fluffy ricotta cheesecake. Tel: 0548 265 240, past town on the right-hand side down a 700-meter gravel road, Gs. 190,000 per person (full board), 130,000 (just breakfast), Gs. 300,000 per couple (full board), 170,000 (just breakfast), camping Gs. 10,000 (pool access is extra), TV, A/C, pool

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