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Yet, while in the den, a few odd things did happened. Several sharp bangs were heard against the window. Not really responding to any questions, it was probably a critter outside or ice falling off the roof, but we still had to wonder about that.

A little later Lorena called out that she heard a man singing. Except for me, the others heard it too. Let’s hope an audio recorder caught the singer. Early on, Dawn felt nauseous and also claimed her video camera was losing focus. Focus can be lost when moving a video camera too quickly, especially in the dark. That could be the reason, but maybe there was more to it. About the same time Lorena also felt a chill running down one arm. Temperature readings remained steady. Still, it really seemed like we were not alone.

All night long and into the morning, each team moved throughout the building. By the time we finished, the little hand on the clock was just past 4:00 a.m. Everyone wrapped things up and headed off for some much needed sleep. A little after 4:30 Kat and I crawled onto our cots. What a relief to know we could sleep in late and not worry about checking out by 11:00 a.m.

We awoke a few hours later, 7:45, to a rousing Billy Joel rendition of, no wait, that wasn’t Billy Joel. It was a nightmare. No, that wasn’t it either. Actually the piano, out in the serving room, was exploding with notes from the twenty or so scouts banging on the keys waiting for breakfast. They were just as perky this morning as they were last night. Well, three hours sleep was all we needed.

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