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Train :

There are two trains daily between Bangkok and Pattaya. Other parts of Thailand can also be reached from Pattaya via train. The train trip actually takes longer than the bus trip, but the comfort and lack of traffic makes the trip more relaxing.

ATM Machines

Available at most banks and shopping centers throughout the city. Thai Baht only. ATMs generally have Thai and English language displays and will accept most internationally recognized foreign cards. Many ATM’s will also accept cards under the CIRRUS, Maestro, VISA or MasterCard system. Travelers Cheques / Credit Cards

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Most traveler’s checks can be cashed at banks. Take your passport or ID. MasterCard and VISA are widely accepted by major banks, restaurants and shops. AMEX, Diners and tend to be accepted only at up to market rates. Credit cards have been known to have large extra charges added here, use your ATM card.

Helpful Tips :

The temperature and humidity here is stifling, bring sunscreen and sunglasses everywhere you go. Slam bottles of water down like it’s last call. AVOID getting drinks with ice as the source is questionable, meaning your shorts will all have racing stripes quickly. The only acceptable ice is the type with holes through them. When you’re eating out in the evenings, watch out for mosquitoes. Ask the waiter to put a mosquito coil under the table to discourage them. Wearing pale colored slacks and mosquito repellant will also keep them at bay.


DO as many hot young Thai women as you can. Rinse and repeat.

FLATTERY will get you everywhere, no matter how phony it is. In other words, speak like a stripper. Lie.

DON’T let a girl convince you to shower before her. She’ll be in your suitcase shopping and gone before you finish.

DO AVOID shady people trying to be your friend and show you the ropes. You’ll wake up 3 days later naked in the woods, brain dead and broke.

DON’T display public affection. No holding hands or kissing, it’s just not done here. But, negotiating gangbangs in public is customary.

DON’T invest in a business – especially a bar. You’ll likely be OUT of business very quickly. Don’t expect any sympathy; expect to be laughed at behind your back.

DON’T ruin your trip by doing the same girl numerous times. She will claim ownership of you, and start whining about how she needs money for buffalo in hospital. Move on quickly and enjoy the variety the city has to offer. Avoid the parasites. It costs a fortune to get here, why put up with a girl telling what you can and cannot do.

DON’T signal waiters with the hand, palm downwards, fingers straight and waving rapidly. Don’t snap your fingers or clap, or point your foot towards them.

DO SHAVE every day. Thai Girls are not fond of facial hair. Of course, a lot of them have bushes like the Brazilian rain forest and they think that’s normal. Make them shave it before paying them. Goes both ways sista.

DON’T brag about the superiority of the US. That is bad. Bragging bout her Thai pussy is good.

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