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A few persons among us had determin’d to use Guadalajara Metro Map all their influence to procure so destructive a measure, with a view to their securely enjoying the Guadalajara Metro Map profits of an Country revenue, and unhappily both for Britain and this country, they found means to effect it. It is to Governor Bernard, the commissioners, their confidents and coadjutors, that we are indebted as the procuring cause of a military power in this capital.

The Boston Journal of Occurrences printed in Mr. Holt’s York Journal, from time to time, afforded many striking instances of the distresses brought upon the inhabitants by this measure; and since those Journals have been discontinued, our troubles from that quarter have been growing upon us: We have known a party of soldiers in the face of day fire off a loaded musket upon the inhabitants, others have been prick’d with bayonets, and even our magistrate assaulted and put in danger of their lives, where offenders brought before them have been rescued and why those and other bold and base criminals have as yet escaped the punishment due to their crimes, may be soon matter of enquiry by the representative body of this people.

It is natural to suppose that when the inhabitants saw those laws which had been enacted for their security, and which they were ambitious of holding up to the soldiery, eluded, they should most commonly resent for themselves and accordingly if so has happened; many have been the squabbles between them and the soldiery; but it seems their being often worsted by our youth in those encounters, has only serv’d to irritate the former. What passed at Mr.

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