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He said that there are wolves and wild sheep in the China map coloring sheet mountains. Marco Polo had also mentioned wild sheep, large ones whose horns were up to China map coloring sheet six palms in length. According to later travellers, they were probably a species of ibex or mountain goat. The man’s wife and two daughters arrived back from an outing and we all went into the house to drink tea. From the outside it was a stone shack; but inside was warm and homely. The outer room was a swept earth kitchen and animal area, and it led into the family room, richly carpeted on floors and walls with red and blue traditional rugs.
This was ridiculous! Looking around I noted the electric wire poles in the back and wondered if they may be generating unusually high EMF, which could affect the equipment. After walking the length of the yard, however, I found levels to be completely normal.

As a last alternative, I went for my still camera. The video mode on my still camera works fine in daylight. I fished it out of my gear bag and turned it to video mode. It ran maybe a second then stopped. The rear digital screen flashed internal error. What the…

I pulled out the memory card and put it back. Turned the camera on and off. Same error. Good gravy! As a last resort and the only logical approach to digital equipment repair, I began to violently shake it. Bev came over.

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