Traveling has long been the favorite pastime for people all around the world, searching for the most beautiful places on Earth and the most meaningful experience of a lifetime. While there are certainly many things to see and to do, some are more fascinating than others, capturing the imagination and inspiration of travelers for a very long time. Ever since the amazing destination of Thailand has grasped the highlight of the tourist crowds, some of the most enticing places have emerged in the attention. One of these places is Koh Phi Phi, the legendary archipelago of idyllic beauty and charm, a veritable paradise on Earth where one can find both peace and excitement, evasion and pure bliss. Traveling to this remote Thai heaven in the Andaman Sea might seem like a journey to the end of the Earth, but things are actually much simpler and more affordable than it might seem.

The nearest major airport to Koh Phi Phi is the one on Phuket Island and most travelers arrive there first and use the popular Phuket ferry to travel to the near and far islands of this paradise like destination. Among these, Koh Phi Phi has become a favorite for a types of visitors due to its unmatched natural beauty, with sandy beaches and stunning coves, tropical forests and other treasures. The Phi Phi ferry is definitely the best and most popular way to reach these small islands, whether coming from the mainland or Phuket island. Ferries have fixed schedules and run each day of the year, but also provide a safe and enjoyable means of transportation. Breaching the waves of the flawless blue sea and seeing the silhouette of the small archipelago in the distance is one of the most inspiring experiences. The Phi Phi Island ferry docks in the port of Tonsai, on the larger island of Koh Phi Phi Don, where most of the travel industry is also located, with lodging opportunities, restaurants and lots of activity providers.

The Koh Phi Phi archipelago is made out of two larger island, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh, with four smaller islets, each one having its own distinct charm and attractions. A journey to these marvelous destinations can reveal unique experiences, intimate discoveries and unforgettable moments. Upon arriving via the Phuket ferry, most visitors just spend half a day on one of the beaches of the archipelago, maybe the famous Beach of Leonardo di Caprio, before making their way back to Phuket. The most fascinating experiences come from spending several days in this paradise, traveling to remote beaches and coves, exploring the amazing underwater world and the admiring the most memorable views of Koh Phi Phi. On the main island of Phi Phi Don, apart from the quality tourist services, there are also several beaches that can only be reached via the local longtail boat, early morning and late evening offering the most intimate experiences.

To the south of this main island rises the smaller Koh Phi Phi Leh, uninhabited and simply stunning. The idyllic beach where the Hollywood movie The Beach was filmed can also be found on this island and represents a major attractions for all visitors. The Phi Phi ferry and local tour companies can provide a great way to see and spend some time on Koh Phi Phi Leh. There are also four smaller islets spread around the main ones and most of them offer ideal diving and snorkeling opportunities. The archipelago also offers excellent conditions for other activities, including hiking, rock climbing, fishing, kayaking and more. Although overrun with tourists for most of the time, it is still possible to find inspiring cultural experiences in Koh Phi Phi.

There are no roads on the islands and apart from several settlements on the main island, there are no people on the other ones, making this destination a natural wonder, the small mountains and cliffs jutting from the waves and creating the perfect setting for an almost surreal vacation. While the Phi Phi island ferry brings more and more tourists each day and each year, the islands have kept some of their authentic charm, a dreamy destination that offers much more than just tropical beaches with azure clear waters. The sunny weather, the smiling locals, the delicious food, the vibrant nightlife, the green forests and so much more forms one of the most unbelievable places on Earth, that despite its overwhelming popularity, still manages to amazing and inspire travelers time after time.


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