Now if you’ve been around my child for a while now, you know that.

I love to travel, but, you might not know why. I love to travel it seems like an obvious question, but the answers might surprise, you. And what.

I’m hoping it will do is encourage you. So for this post. I am partnered with Abbott on their life to the fullest mission where they’re asking a million people what living a full life means to them.


So, this is how I live my life fully now. I’ve explained why.

I first started traveling in my draw my life post, but now five years later why do. I keep traveling the simplest answer is life is short life is precious. And life is constantly changing one of the questions.

I hate the absolute most in life is the what are your goals for five years from now well. I can’t tell, you because life is constantly changing the world is constantly changing. I am constantly changing new destinations open up to discovery.

And exploration every single year others clothes sometimes forever things happen. And we are not guaranteed old age now. I’m not saying this to be depressing or to make, you rush off.

And buy a plane ticket right this second but I am saying this to courage, you to think about it so. I don’t put things off.

I say yes. I make a plan. I commit.

And then. I go to become uncomfortable wait what Abby why would. I want to be uncomfortable because, it’s exciting.

I believe in adventure excitement. And living. And all these things don’t fit in with comfortable.

And all these things don’t come without leaving your comfort zone by taking risks pick an opportunity to discover our true selves because we learn best through experience Travel is all about trying new experiences. And each experience in life makes us richer. And everyone wants to be rich.

So why not be rich in life that’s the best kind of rich to learn in the sense. I’m constantly getting the opportunity to learn about people. And places.

And things. And foods. And culture history.

And just massive amounts of knowledge seriously learning is. So powerful to become empowered Travel has taught me that. I could do way more things that.

I ever thought. I could conquer a fears is one part problem-solving life circumstances is another humans are amazing. And we can do.

So many things we put our minds to it, but a lot of the time we don’t travel puts us in situations that force us to make decisions to stand up for ourselves to be bold. And brave a lot of times between this by ourselves taking a vacation is actually good for your health creative types like me are used to this we get burnt out and, you can also get burnt out on life now what is the best way to get over a burnout a change from whatever it is that, you are doing that is making, you burnt out there are studies. And research that touch on this seriously check out the links about this on Abbott’s website in the description.

I take breaks often to recharge my brain batteries this allows me to constantly have a new flow of ideas. And plans. And posts Travel is full of new options from me.

And many other people and. I like lots of little new beginnings. And lots of options to discover new relationships, it’s very easy in life to become content with our friendship groups that we’ve grown up in without ever having to or needing to expand beyond them as soon as, you start to travel, you realize that, you need other people’s help, you need their company.

And, it’s best of all once, you start many people, you become. So fascinated by them. And their stories that those relationships will become one of the best reasons of why, you love to travel, it’s why.

I love to travel so much people each. And every pursue me.

So unique in. So many different ways. And their lives.

And their stories are gonna touch your heart in ways, you can’t even imagine. So there, you go travel helps me live my fullest life now. I realized that although, this is the case for me, it’s not always the case for everybody.

So whatever makes, you feel fulfilled go do it so. I just put together a quiz that, you could take to share what makes, you feel the most book built so. I encourage, you to take it.

And to explore more, it’s really eye-opening the fact that people around the world each have different definitions of what living a full life means to them thank you so much for reading this post. I hope it has inspired, you and.

I would love to see, you guys. And gals make your own declarations about what steps, you personally will take to live more fully share your stories using the philosophy hashtag on Twitter Instagram Facebook ex patre. And when, you do tell me because I’d love to see your story inspire.

And motivate a million others bye. ?

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