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DURATION: A very long day, and can be extended Tashkent Metro Map over two or even three days. CONDITIONS: This is a very long, tough walk. Tashkent Metro Map On no account should you attempt it in a single day unless you are sure you are physically capable of doing so. The nature of the terrain, and the precautions you should take, are set out more fully in the body of the text of this chapter. REFRESHMENTS: Chichester is very well served by eateries and food shops. There is a shop and pubs at Lavant, a pub at Charlton, a shop, pub and tearoom at Cocking (just off route), a shop and pub at South Harting (off route), and a pub at Stoughton (off route).
What struck us as even more peculiar was a second EVP in the same area. This one was heard shortly before the music began. It said, “.kill you.”

There is no record of any violence occurring inside the theater. That, of course, doesn’t mean some minor skirmish or verbal threat hasn’t occurred.

Another possibility could be related to a scene in the musical Carousel. In this scene one of the lead characters, a guy by the name of Billy Bigelow, attempts to rob a wealthy businessman. The robbery attempt fails and Billy is pursued and cornered by the police. Rather than be taken and sent to jail, he kills himself. The words “kill you” could be one of the lines from that play.

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