Baby Panda Selfies Chengdu 72 Hour Challenge Chengdu China

Oh hey guys what’s up welcome to CH into China.

So right now. I’m in gender trying to try out their new 72-hour in transit visa which basically lets me come to the city, you see this amazing city 62 hours what we’re waiting for let’s go we’re so much joke our first stop was the kazoo alley a pedestrian area.

And cultural site consisting of renovated Ming. And Qing Dynasty futons which used to be courtyard houses that are now shops cafe bars. And themed hotels for dinner.

Baby Panda Selfies Chengdu 72 Hour Challenge Chengdu China Photo Gallery

I chained myself to a Chengdu favorite hotpot one mild. And one containing Szechuan spice famous from this region after dinner it was time for another regional tradition the Szechuan offer. So for today we have stopped off at the number one thing to do here in Jindo that.

I’m going through attraction that’s is they can do research base of giant panda breeding we’re gonna go see giant pandas oh my goodness oh my goodness Chengdu is the place to see. And learn all about these adorable, but endangered creatures over 80 pandas live at the base, this is being looked after by the wonderful caretakers the caretakers primary goal well to get them to tourists a low libido animals to reproduce talk about a day job oh wow, it’s fat at a time this private time, it’s not a time seriously rise camp Anna’s be a me cuter in the afternoon we stopped by a local park to play the famous Chinese game of Mahjong it is a four player game which uses rectangular tiles bearing numbers. And images the images represent different suits.

And the basic object of the game is to collect similar tiles through picking up. And discarding until a player holds a complete set. And wins, it’s kind of similar to rummy or uno.

So barely a 1 did. I win our open round ok of learning where everyone gave me advice. So, this is the one she wants Terry Chen dues oldest.

And largest temple behind me there is a poco that’s a good-ass busts up notice actually there’s only just one, but, it’s a pretty cool pagoda last stop one day three was to go to the very famous jingling Street and. I just. So happened to go at the perfect time lunch time.

So for lunch. I’m gonna do some food tasting here in a jingly. I really know that was a lot harder than.

I was expecting it to be good lets me hold their spicy stinky tofu a next victim for my mouth yeah this was the bingo and, this is a vegetarian option my past ambassador behind the food alley in jiggli lies the wahoos shrine a major tried to Szechwan ancient path of the shoe kingdom. And to the heroes that made it legendary dragon fruit kingdoms period jingling was one of the busiest commercial areas during the shoot kingdom. And has since been remodeled on an architectural style of a traditional old town in the western Szechuan province of the Qing Dynasty all right guys what is the end of the night of the last day of my 72 hours Karimi Shan do.

I’m just relaxing having a beautiful cup of hot green bubble tea waiting for the party central to here either yes, this is all going to be bar central jiggly street well full of life to the date trance beats to exciting nighttime destination a perfect way to end off your evening. And 72 hours in Chengdu. ?

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