A Surfers Guide to Ventura County Coast

Being born and raised in Ventura, surfing has been a big part of my background. We have world-class surf, pretty much 72 degrees year-round here. Even today my boss came in and grabbed me and we jumped in the car and went for a quick surf right before this, so. My husband surfs all the time with my grandkids.

We were out there today with the waves being big reading them surf. We have waves for every style of surfer from beginner to the most advanced. I’ve never surfed before I moved to Ventura, so I was into triathlon, running, biking, swimming, and when I came here was the first time I picked up a surfboard, fell in love with the sport. Now, it’s my number one hobby to do get out two or three times whenever I can. There’s one of the best beginners surf breaks in the state at Mondo’s. I kind of began at Mondo’s and have gradually progressed to Surfer’s Point in C Street, which is a local favorite with the Patagonians. And it’s nice because Mondo’s is only ten minutes away, too, so if I have buddies in town from Texas, where I’m from, they don’t surf it’s a great place to take them. The wives can hang out and watch the kids on a beach and if you have any buddies that are good surfers you can take him here to Ventura Point, C Street, all these other great spots. California Street Beach or Surf Break it’s also known as C Street. It is a world-renowned surf break because it sits on the Ventura Pier.

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There’s a really beautiful wave that runs from north to south there can be for the most advanced surfers and it can be for beginners on small days and there’s not a lot of places where you can surf a really fun right-hander and look at the Ventura Pier with a beautiful flag, you know, blowing in the wind. It sits on the promenade, there’s some great restaurants there, it’s just a really fun place to be. We have this one unique spot that a lot of people don’t know about that has just really good food. After being out in the water all day surfing and you’re so tired and you just want to eat a lot of food, I kind of find myself a lot up at the Faria camp ground. My girlfriend Laura who works there, who basically took over the little food stand there, it makes an incredible meal. You will have a burger that will blow your mind that your tastebuds will be going crazy and you’ll just be totally satisfied after eating there. Solimar Beach is where my heart’s at. I’m born and raised at Solimar Beach. It is my backyard, it is where I learned to surf. You can find me there the majority of the warm days in the summertime.

There’s a lot of great surf breaks nearby it is dog friendly which now I’m realizing that is a hard thing to find up and down the coast. Beautiful homes, so all around my little heaven here in Ventura County. If you like beer I think one of the best places to go to in Ventura would be the Surf Brewery. They have beer that’s named after a lot of local surf breaks here, so if the waves are good and you’re thirsty a lot of the times afterwards you will go into the brewery and have an ice cold beer. I think one of the fun things that they do at the brewery is they have a lot of food trucks that come in because they don’t serve food there but, when you’re drinking a good beer you could have one of these local food trucks come and you could pair it together. So you’ll find a lot of people doing that especially after they’re in the water. Yeah, just down the street Topa Topa Brewhouse just opened up. They brew their own beer there and it’s it’s definitely just a one-stop shop for a great pint, you know, they don’t have food it’s it’s just strictly you go there to kind of decompress from work, catch up with your friends and the beer is great. I personally like the chief peak IPA but I’ve tried plenty of other ones that are amazing and it’s also right next to the surf shop too so We have Ventura Surf Shop, which has you know, a lot of the hardcore surf products and then we have another kind of boutique shop, which is still fairly new in Ventura called Wet Sand. You know, you walk in you get to see the family, it’s a family-owned business so you get to go in there you get to meet everyone, you get to shop, you get to have a good time, and you know, meet some local community.

Rincon Beach is definitely a great surf break. You are gonna pull up to a world-class wave, the most unique things about Rincon is that you can paddle out in the lineup and see world champions of all ages there. It is a beautiful wave, if you are not a surfer you definitely want to go up there and just walk the coastline, check out the homes, and you know see what the communities about there because it’s just a gorgeous wave. I’ve been really fortunate enough to travel all around the world to beautiful exotic locations with warm water and great waves but, I will have to say, being in Ventura and surfing in my backyard is one of my favorite places to be.

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