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Our last night in Seneca – and a hope for the future in the most unlikely of places: the kids playing outside catching lightning bugs after spending hours just running, playing(Seneca, KS, June 19, 2016, 18:15 PDT, SX700 1/30s f3.5 ISO200, the glow of sunset catching the oats in the field on the other side of the wind barrier trees.) and even throwing nuts atop the barn roof just to watch them roll back down – and not an electronic device in sight. (Seneca, KS, June 19, 2016, 18:40 PDT / 8:40PM CDT, SX700 1/125s f3.2 ISO640)

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This bold tower sits somewhat incongruously in the middle of a golf course (with some modern defences against golf balls rather than cannon balls). The castle has had impressive restoration. It was built by the Seton family in 1490. Lord Seton was one of those who helped Mary Queen of Scots escape from Loch Leven Castle, and she was brought to Niddry briefly, before the battle of Langside led to her final flight and imprisonment in England. One of her ‘Four Marys’ (attendants) was Mary Seton. Mary Queen of Scots was three times as long a prisoner of Elizabeth as she was a free monarch in Scotland. The castle was sold in 1676 and abandoned early the next century. Skirt the castle on the right (east) to drop down onto Niddry Castle Golf Course, and cross to walk up to Winchburgh on a woodland path outside the perimeter of the golf course and below the shale ‘mountain’. The path comes out at the car park for the golfers, and the road up to the main street passes classic 1890s miners’ ‘rows’. En route, you can turn right to climb the bing through Hank Hill Wood, and it is worth wandering up this artificial hill for the view, and to see how nature is slowly greening-over the barren waste.

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