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Paramon couldn’t see the point of us Westerners cutting our hair Guiyang Map and having to brush it daily. In braids it needs no daily attention. The hairdressing Guiyang Mapsession came to an end. The final touch was an ornate Guiyang Map hairclip inherited from her mother’s family. Paramon asked if we have this same custom, and Guiyang Map I said yes, we did – though all I have inherited has been a little cash and a powerful wanderlust. On the third day of my stay I packed my rucksack and kept in sight of the road.

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The unique qualities of Hotel coupled with the site-specific conditions attributed to its roadside position assist in problematizing the status/position of Morton as its creator. For although the artwork contains traditional aesthetic values such as originality, authenticity, and uniqueness’ (Kwon 2004: 31), motorists encountering the artwork have no ability to identify its author, as the ability to stop and park in front of the artwork is strictly prohibited. In this instance, Morton, an internationally-recognized artist, is recast not as author but as a silent manager/director’ (Kwon 2004: 31); yet this process does not impact upon the site-specificity of the public artwork, or on its boundedness with the Tollway landscape.

In relation to the position of Hotel within the geography of the Tollway, regardless of the ability of motorists to accurately identify the author of the public artwork, Callum Morton remains central to its creation and the progenitor of meaning’ (Kwon 2004: 51). As Kwon suggests:

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