What will you do when you are left in a labyrinth and given only 60 minutes to escape it? If you think that it is far better than being stuck with the exhausting daily scheduled life, then all you have to do is to take a day off and fly all the way to play the exit game Berlin. You are not born only to work your fingers to the bone to bring home the bacon. You deserve occasional adventures to spice up your already messed up life. Memories are precious and earn it as much as you can while you still have the strength in you.

Labyrintoom live escape game

The objective of the game is simple. You just have to find a way to exit the room. If you think it sounds too easy we are adding that, most of the time it becomes just impossible. You have to solve certain bewildering puzzles in order to exit the game. Even though you are a whizz-kid in solving puzzles, the real deal lies in finding those puzzles first. This explains the difficulty level of the exit game Berlin.


Rules of the game

The rules are elementary. The game should be played as a team of two to six members. So let your friends tag along with you or you tag along with them. You will be given sixty minutes to find and solve the grueling puzzles and brainteasers. The timing is important. If you are genius enough to break the previous records, you will be published and thus a new reason for you to brag about.

To win the game, players have to utilize the talents and abilities of each player. One man’s knowledge will never be enough to exit the room, let alone breaking records.

Types of rooms

There are three types of cabinet’s available for players to choose from. Each cabinet has its own charm to impress the players.

The Wizard’s cabinet
The Cube’s cabinet
The Leonardo Da Vinci’s Cabinet

You could book a room based on your interest. If you want to experience the magic, then you could choose the wizard’s cabinet. The room is mysterious enough to make you lose track of the time with all its gloomy glory. If you want to get surrounded by nothing but the white cubes of different sizes you can undoubtedly enter the cube’s cabinet. When finding the puzzle itself is difficult, the chances of you getting out of the room within the fixed period are sometimes far cry. The Leonardo Da Vinci’s room is under construction and the name itself is enough to guess the difficulty level of the room.

How to book?

The escape room of your interest can be booked online itself and it costs around seventeen euros for each player. Considering the adventure you would be experiencing in the room, it is worth the money. Hence, visit labyrintoom now and secure the room that intrigues you the most. Your escape room is just a click away.

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