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This is way too much for like a weekend trip away come on Perry’s not even gonna close are you ready for a road trip yeah we’re ready. So clay oh this is exciting what’s your little announcement no Chad oh wow that’s like two blogs in two days comment click Perry she’s gonna be blogging today as well what are you using Canon 70d yeah she knows 70-day that she’s using, and she’s gonna be uploading posts every Monday, and every Thursday, and plugging you 7 a.m. and they’re gonna be kind of beauty related, and blogs every nothing very cool comment yep everything you said they already knew more or less.

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So here’s something you didn’t know hey guys we have come down to Bunbury it is Steven son’s birthday we hide out like a little a BB for the night we just arrived he’s so nice. So they’re just bringing the car in now it’s like a little two-story house that we’ve got for the night yay we’re in how was the drive was pretty quick two hours yeah good work let’s go find our room yeah which weren’t quick we need two bags a little clay oh wait which one looks like your parents ooh the lives of you okay wait bathroom oh we need to push the beds together. But wouldn’t you want I think they’re pretty the similar that’s good okay good advice mr. Beeney yes, I’m tea for the birthday boy great that is what you smell it, and what type of cake would you like us to make you healthy I think we might sheet with the cake, and get one that could already be made for us it’s healthy top chocolate it’s like Betty Crocker double months lunch with you guess what’s three quarters of a cup.

I believe kids boys have to get something now don’t rule the deal don’t like – yeah that looks like a party well the boys day boy nips shall we go watch the sunset with a balloon we’ve come to enjoy the sunset come on glare guy guy guy go girl Venus cooked an epic birthday feast oh my gosh, I’m ready to dig in young veggie kebab. So good ready all right all right it’s up in cans, and a lot of Nemo’s of it is really almost time up always time up, and time up okay ready you have to have not know reading the rug be ready set what would you call guys any kind guy famous from can you ready satisfaction Hey everybody it’s now the next day mmm that smells good give me give me anything which we got that’s good make myself a coffee cool couldn’t porous sorry if you hate sound feelings papi you ready food by now coffee is everyone falling catches Pokemon do you really need the lodge you have to wait to look, and actually Jake’s birthday as well. So we’re celebrating tonight after what he wanted for dinner he said pizza. So runs in the family the love pizza we’ve been good we have enough eats in a while.

So I don’t mind having tonight I say a little bit tonight, and back on the health wagon after, and I went, and also bought him some of his favorite snacks a little Prezi, and I got him a little cake. So yes we’re gonna spend tonight with j24 today this was a bad idea why did Jake want pizza I have serious pizza regret right now. Because this is the local Domino is where I walked in there with a hundred layers of makeup, and the bad thing was is that I ordered it under my name. So it’s not like he’s unrecognizable with added layers of makeup it was ordered up under my name hopefully they’re never like an account system just or anything like they put notes on my account or something like pick it up for me hey Jake happy birthday to you happy birthday to you you DiBona there we go it’s his favorite snacks some pizza, and cake it’s only right to into this post with some cake. But, I’m Steve, and let me choose the comment of the day. So I found a really good one it’s from the way away, and they say Jess your hair looks great right down below how you enjoy celebrating your birthdays guys. Because we love going on family road trips if there’s ball babes cake pizza family time we’re happy.

So I would was this weekend is I broke all our diets though it did we’re back on it like I’ve been. So good back on it tomorrow, and before I go please check out Clara’s postging blog link is down below please check it out to book today, and which will be coming out in a couple of days time to check it out thanks reading guys actually quick announcement will relief we’re going traveling again in the next week next time you see us we off to Alice Springs. So it’s gonna be an awesome post check that out we’ll see you guys next time bye.

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