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But producing for the good of the state is not half China holiday as appealing an incentive as producing for yourself and family. Party ideology lost the battle with China holiday human nature, and since the end of the Cultural Revolution people have gradually been allowed to cultivate private plots, in addition to their collective work. Private ownership of plots and livestock has in turn led to the re-emergence of the open market, doing a thriving business. At 8 p.m. the sun was setting; it doesn’t get dark until about ten, since the Beijing clock is standard across 3,000 miles.

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Her final wreckage near the Callers is now well spread about on the steep slope from 3 metres down to 28 metres. The engine lies partly buried on the bottom close to the upright boiler/condenser in a gully at 10 metres, while the winch and bows are some way out from the reef in 25-28 metres. Currents are very strong and it is a slack water dive. This is not a particularly good wreck dive to see marine life. Visibility varies greatly but can at times be exceptional. Starke/Schell Registers; BoT Wreck Return WWI, p.18 (2); The History ofthe Seahouses Lifeboats byJ. Morris; The Times: Monday, 27 September, 1915, p.12; The Times, Monday, 12 January, A surprising sight to behold is the long lost cargo of ‘green slate’, which is actually black Norwegian riverbed slate and worth a small fortune. It is stacked up neatly and looks like concrete paving slabs, just the way it was when the vessel sank.

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