Backcountry Skiing in Japan Nozawa Onsen

All right I made it and. So I am at Yama station one away from nine, and all this is where I got to take the bus to head up to the resort pretty empty here I think the end of the CC that is that I think it’s going to be season. So not a lot of people here which is awesome all the dialogues, and that’s exactly where, I’m going all right let’s go find a buck just an hour, and a half ride by bullet train to Tokyo Station will bring you to the beautiful mountainous northeastern region of the Nagano Prefecture my final destination nozawa onsen is best known for its great skiing natural hot springs, and delicious local food. But I want to focus this post on the fresh powder all right this is supposed to be my stop now I crept fine the staff Lodge that’s where, I’ll be staying for the next two days let’s take off your shoes, I’m going to do that Vic if the staff watch, I’m going to move tool to fix, I’m still lose the reception area here’s the kitchen looks like hello looks like there’s been people here you there on mountain ski okay look let me provide a little more context to this adventure when I decided to come to Japan I said I’d really love to ski.

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So I contacted the Nozawa on Sand Resort, and said hey am I too late to ski coming at the beginning of March, and I said oh no we still had snow here, and I said I want in, and they said ok you want to do some backcountry skiing I said that’s my favorite type of skiing. So they set me up here at the staff Lodge, and over the next few days, I’m going to hit the slopes hopefully we’ll get a little bit more fresh powder to add to this incredible bait, and that’s it let’s go ski come on get in there get in there well the lines began to form at the base of the resort I cut through the crowds to go meet the team a small group of off-duty ski instructors, and backcountry guides welcome to me with survival gear, and we kick things off with a hopefully not necessary Avalanche search, and rescue training once we feel like we could all trust each other basically just testing out the new guy me it was time to jump on a lift, and make the 1600 meter climb up to the peak of Mount cannot she it was here that we parted ways with the other tourists, and groom trails in search of some untouched terrain amazing amazing eyes it’s unbelievable powder for days nobody else around just a couple of ski instructors some guides, and all the fresh pot or Gaspar here we go. So begins off piece where the snow is ha ha yeah there you go hey two in the back country boys just went that way.

I gotta catch up let’s go Oh I said legs are burning feeling pretty good that was amazing being Japan backcountry gods right, and as any true ski or snowboarder knows the best way to end a long day on the mountain is with a few cold beers it’s here that I really get a chance to get to know the gang of international instructors that I’ve been skiing with, and gain yet another perspective on life in Japan that is it just coming home from that bursty place after a couple after ski run drinks I had an amazing time the backcountry the staff that showed me around some of these off pieces slopes.

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