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Fiftieth among U.S. states in gross state product Fort Worth Map Tourist Attractions , yet Haiti’s GDP is only about one-third to one-half that of Vermont’s. Fort Worth Map Tourist Attractions This imbalance becomes even more obvious when one realizes that Vermont’s population is about 620,000 and Haiti’s is around 9 million. Haiti’s GDP ranks 144 among the world’s countries, but this figure is misleading. Many countries are much smaller in both size and population, and hence have smaller economies.

Kat pulled out her K2 meter and placed it on the seat near her audio recorder encouraging whatever entity may be near to return. Levels remained flat until Lorena asked, “Is your last name Doherty?”

Before she could finish the word “Doherty,” the K2 hit, swinging from the first level, green, all the way to red, then quickly returned to green. A response?

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