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Straggling along just outside the rain clouds, we stop for lunch near a boat launch and requisite toilet facility for the family so they can continue their tour of all available rest stops along the way.

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At least I got a train bridge – no trains, but I’m sure there was one through here recentlyyou can see the tracks (on the other side of the road leading up to the bridge).

The clouds and the threat of rain linger in the distance, chasing us or being chased by us depending on the moment as we make our way across south central Montana.

It was constructed to a scale of 12,238.28 miles to an inch (approximately 1:775 million), the Sun being represented by a stone sphere six feet in diameter, and the Earth by a bronze sphere 0.646 inches in diameter placed 645 feet (196m) away. The larger planets were made, like the Sun, of stone, while the smaller planets were of bronze. The model has disappeared, but a summary of the calculations which enabled the Earl to construct the model are preserved on a stone pillar which Buchan originally erected in the grounds of Kirkhill in 1777. Buchan also included on the pillar a prediction of the position of the planets on 20 May 2255. Why he chose this date is not known. The pillar was surmounted by a bell tower, on top of which was a metal cross. After Buchan’s death, the bell tower was removed and taken to his younger brother’s estate at Almondell, where it was placed in front of the stables over a well (which is still there). The pillar remained at Kirkhill, but by the late 1970s it had collapsed.

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