So this is it right now our last final hours in bone air is Saturday morning the 27th of August 2018 just about nine o’clock in the morning, and as you see behind me there’s a boat where oh there it is there is a boat we’re about to go out on a boat ride to Klein Bonaire we’ve never been it’s the small island right next to bone air. So it’s a protected right Wow should it make shelters there who made a barbecue place there. But you’re not allowed to bring your own barbecue with you that’s so great it’s very protective in its if you walk around it at sixteen kilometers that’s it’s pretty thin miles Wow.


So this is it welcome to climb bone air what do you think of it well it’s deserted in the sense where you can’t build on this island it’s totally protected, I’m venturing into the interior of Klein Bonaire just to show you guys what it looks like klein bonaire is pretty much a desert island there was nothing on this island. But some cactus making our way back to the beach unreal this Beach there is maybe there’s a few people here right now just one other boat jess is in the water swimming it’s cool in about 12 hours, I’ll be back in New York City what is that no don’t want to go back a word deep here we just threw some dog food in the water there’s some little kibbles, and bits, and look at all these fish feasting on the dog food it’s so beautiful, I’m not even sure alright.

So now we are on the windward side of the island, and you can see it is much choppier it’s very rough there’s no white sand beach how you feelin Jessica not bad not no seasickness , I’m safe, I’m back thank you so much for taking us out there Oh we’ll be back in the springtime have a good school year bye guys, and just like that we are back at Harbor village such nice people such nice people yeah look, I’m show it off there he goes you guys remember that nice pillow that we went to, and we watched the sunset, and we shot Jessica’s fashion post the woman who rents out the villas that is her husband, and we actually met last night when we were getting some drinks at the bar, and he’s like oh I have a boat would you guys want to go on a boat ride in the morning before you head off to the airport we have met.

So many people on this trip who have such inspiring stories moving down here chasing their dreams he told us his story of how he moved down to bone air he’s been here for six weeks, and he said that he realized he was turning 50 you know most people live to 75 he said he had one third of his life left why not come here why not move someplace, and start over. So that’s really it’s really inspiring to hear that we have to pack up, and head to the airport now we just checked in, and here we have Jessica Clements in the souvenir shop oh yeah look at that that is the best sea salt in the world right there oh that’s someone’s head, I’m surprised you didn’t get the Flamingo calendar you should get the Flamingo calendar right behind you nope yep right there since where we’re going now we have to walk, and go up the stairs onto the plane in 90-degree weather i don’ti this is it we can still turn back Jessica we can still turn around we’re not on the plane yet thank you. So much. So things Oh perfect thank you guys welcome aboard. So we are now on the plane, and that this plane is pretty much empty, and not many people on the plane. Because I think this flight only runs twice a week or actually once a week it runs every Saturday.

So, I’m guessing people come down here for you know two weeks three weeks four weeks a month two months. But yeah we’re about to take off, and this is the first time where we’ve left the place, and we were actually considering extending our stay here we were really considering staying another week. So we have to get back to the cities things to do a name of Jessica sitting right back here we’re going to stay in our window seats for takeoff, and switch just like that we are home sweet home in New York City with a very very bad sunburn this is all that matters though kaduche e of Bonaire it’s funny too we’re in the cab, and you were sad you were sad in the cab I was driving especially from Newark maybe I’ve been really glad this place is so dirty I said it this morning we were going to Klein, I’m like you know what today’s gonna be interesting. Because right now we’re about to go swim in this clear blue water on this parrot fish poop white sand beach, and then tonight you would be in New York funny. Because on this morning we went to UM quiet right yeah a climb, and I don’t think did you feel it, and there was that pictures. But iPhone with the GoPro I made Jess plus parrots, and then a heart around us, and then we’re reading the book later that the sand is parrotfish it’s 70%, and it’s every percent the fish poop, and it’s 30% like weather erosion.

But 70 percent of that sand is fish poop the parrotfish has they’re very sharp teeth, and they bite the palms yeah, and say has like this under. But you’ll see in that I hate the word Paula that is ok I won’t call it pub. But they eat the pieces of the coral you probably saw on the blog these parrotfish have really sharp teeth, and they bite the coral then they poop it out, and becomes beautiful white sand beaches it’s a fun fact if you didn’t know we went to the pink sand beach this is as close to a pink sand beaches we’re gonna get if you look right down there you can just see little bits of pink coral mixed in with that sand very very briefly we stop there, and there’s our to you well the pink sand beach it’s tiny you can only fit maybe I’d say what 10 people on it yeah it’s very small I know the bitches are baby it’s eat your food, I’ll do the job a really hot baby just none I think the next time like we we are going back to bone era like the first day after we got the plane were like we’re going to come back here, and when we do go back we want to go for at least two or three weeks, and spend more time in each location. Because that last day when we went to the National Park, and we went to the beaches we only stop at each Beach for maybe 15 30 minutes tops yes you know that’s the one Beach where we jumped off a cliff I could have spent three days they’re camping out. Because it was so beautiful see I use as a parrot Fisher the best was like I knew it, and then he blowing up right there what’s going on. But yeah thumbs up for the parrot fish is a lot more travelling coming up.

So if you did like the posts from this trip comment it’s greatly appreciated, and yeah back in the city we’ll see everyone tomorrow.

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