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The Amazon River Basin is a wild place exploding with an abundance of life, and often only accessible by water it is the road less traveled which we love seeing less wildlife hopefully some of the people the mass the size of the river the lushness said the amount of water that they have here just amazing adventure about the bedroom traveling into Peru’s rain forests on the Amazon River. How Mike you feel the pulse of this adventurous, and wild grip the ship is called arapaima the bow has cabins with air-conditioning private bathrooms just great to be in the moment. I like river trips the ability to get into an area that is not accessible by Road is going to feel more exotic, and it gets us where we want to be some other mushrooms that will lead the health of the beetles or all the ink what happens is they did learn via Trogdon trip leader is Erik Flores, and he’s he’s an excellent trip leader he really knows the area he knows all the wildlife he knows the plants he takes good care of us like a trip leader should keeps us in line.

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So yeah he’s been an excellent trip leader look at about percent a hundred percent humidity our leader in our naturalist are outstanding they are wonderful anything. We’ve wanted to. Because they helped with they started about in the morning, and they worked till.

I don’t know when are we gonna go through this canal to go to a lake where are we gonna start our fishing or piranhas and This is gonna be a very good challenge for the driver to either go all the way through there the pacaya Samira National Reserve is Peru’s largest national park exploring its three rivers its numerous lakes gorges canals, and expose all accessed best by boat we are fishing for piranha in the Amazon River tributary piranhas are a staple food in the local diet their teeth are used by the indigenous population to make tools, and weapons most powerful is the lower jaw the lower jaw right that press against the upper jaw one bite in kaput these birds called tusky case built long hanging bag shaped nests some birds choose a tree that contains an active wasp nest as an ally a defender in an extra deterrent to predators one of the most social birds that we have in the rain forest, and the reason why is not is. Because they can’t choose a tree, and share read other species but in the same family beautiful. We’ve seen.

So far the dolphin this morning. I saw my first river dolphin, and sloth, and birds, and the cause, it’s very, and monkeys iguanas we saw anaconda that’s one of the highlights you know, and the remarkable part of the trip probably. Because we know she anacondas everyday you know.

So we saw an anaconda it was right here you know in the warehouse of the of the Rangers experience also the means of transportation of the people which is the dagger we’re going to see the shaman and I think, it’s not very she’s saying that she belongs to the Akama, and non-linguistic try from the Amazon along some interesting very first this little smoke ritual in the Peruvian Amazon basin shamans use medicine songs called eco rose to evoke spirits before a spirit can be summoned it must teach the shaman, it’s song it was wonderful the lady asana duration there she stands wonderful we have a full day activity you know in the village huh which is called a in the life visiting the shaman visiting you know the village itself interacting with the families, and also having an interaction with the children as well the kids are. So great and I think that we all enjoy it as much as they do we get a great school interaction. This is a lot of fun at all baby smiles are always fun visit the school, and see the kids they’re delightful Felicio Authority.

So do you not even Saudi. So we’re in mr. Wellington’s house parent Hunter, and under baby days old, and they need a name.

So we’re trying to hold our baby. I’m not sure what she’ll select, it’s always sounded kind of forbidding you know like a place that you couldn’t come you only saw on the movies and So like oh. I can really get there safely, and comfortably, it’s an adventure you know it really it really feels adventurous with us the adventures without the Avenger forgetteth cruising the Amazon, and it’s tributaries what adventures await you in this wild, and unspoiled place.

I was born in the rainforest. I grew up in the rainforest and I was able to pass several tests in the rainforest, and understand you know the nature itself first one is the training to be a man. I’ve been able to put our hands in the nest of the fire ends for at least five minutes without feeling any pain all right that was one of them once our native people realized that it exists all the kind of western clothing in the world.

So they loved that, and especially if a clothing it was a mostly case as a t-shirt had an English word in front, and that was you know something interesting. Because we used to say oh look at this a gringo gave me this, and everybody felt really proud of that, and everybody running on the right, and through the community saying look at my t-shirt. This is a gringo t-shirt.

I’m wearing a gringa teacher, and some people from Lima decide to create also these gringo teachers put in nasty words you know in front of course nobody spoke English, and nobody knew what was the meaning of that part of my life you know being in Lima it was very tough. Because the university that. I attend it was a private university where people normally had a lot of money, and they were descendant of wealthy people families or what the families.

I was So and I was not. So it was hard to make friends.

I could feel you know the discrimination personally at the University for being from the country side rather than the capital city but. I didn’t care what they felt about me the foot of my region the Amazon. Because is a very yummy yummy.

I guess like every region in Peru but we have you know our favorites we have for example one of the most popular DS, and one called the honey which is rice chicken olives x wrapped in Miranda leaf, and it’s really really healthy organic stuff.

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